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Boy Scout Skits

Skits are the jewels of a pack meeting or campfire program. A couple well-rehearsed and acted out comedy skits are talked about for weeks afterward. Scout skits tend to be gross or slapstick but there's no reason a good thought-provoking one can't be thrown in. Find free skit scripts for your group of scouts or search for specific humorous skits.


3 Vs. 100038 Over the CliffAnyone Else Up There?
Art or NotAt The MoviesBanana Bandana
Be PreparedBear AttackBear Warning System
Best PickPocketBicycle ShopBig and Strong Like You
Blind HorseBlindfoldsBrains for Sale
Brains for Sale - Version 2Branch ManagerBravest Scout in the World
Broken FingerBrown PantsBrownie Pudding
Brushing TeethBubblegumBully Be Gone
Burning SchoolhouseCan of ColaCan't Work in the Dark
Cancer OperationChainsawChicken Farmer
Chory of Stinderella or RindercellaChristmas with the Right FamilyClean Silverware
Clean SocksClimbing LightbeamClock Inspection
Clothes from Eddie BauerComplaining MonkContagious Pregnancy
CPR SwitchCrazy AstronomersCrossing the Tracks
Dead BodyDead ParrotDepressed Reporter
Did You See That?Dirty SocksDirty Socks - Version 2
Ditch WreckDoctor!Dumb Doctor
Echos in the WoodsElevator to BathroomsEmergency Alert System
Enlarging MachineExplain the JokeFifth Floor
Firing SquadFishing SecretFlea Circus
Follow the TracksFool's GoldFred the Flea
GandhiGeorge Washington and the Cherry TreeGetting Into Heaven
Give the Frog a LoanGood Thing About ChristmasGot Any Duck Food?
Gravity CheckGreat RaisinsGrecian Fountains
Guaranteed ParachuteGuess My Line on the ToiletHair in my Hamburger
Hare RestorerHey, Sven!History of Cub Scouts
Hot MealHunting Thanksgiving DinnerI Ain't Lost
I Gotta Go WeeI Saw a BearIce Fishing
Illegal ChickenfarmerInfantry Is ComingIntelligence
Invisible Bench - plus Add-OnsIs It Time Yet?Jailhouse Jokes
Jelly Beans PleaseLemonade for SaleLet Me Have It
Letters From HomeLighthouse StairsListen!
Lobster TailLone Ranger and TontoLong Winter
Lost BubblegumLost Green BallLost Quarter
LotteryLucky BoxerMagic - Mystic Reader
Measuring a PoleMeasuring Leader's CoffinMeat for Sale
Mechanical CowboyMosquito MemoriesMusical Toilet Seats
My CentipeedMy Royal PapersMy Worm
Need a Big JerkNeed the TimeNew Fathers
New UnderwearNo FishingNot Enough Parachutes
Nuts, the ElephantNutty FishermanOh What a Goose I Am
Ole, Champion Tree ClimberOlive the Other ReindeerOlympic Blanket Tossing Team
One Bright MorningOperationOut of Film
Outrun the BearPanda Bear in RestaurantPanther Tracks
Pass the PepperPenguin SoupPenny Candy
Pink CadillacPlane Engine TroublePoopy
Poor ConductorProfessor's AddressPulling and Pushing Rope
Puppy In a BoxQuazimoto, the Bell RingerRaisin Fly
Raking an Invisible GardenRemember the TitanicReporter Gets a Story
Royal RaisinsRun-awaysSally Ann Ratchet
Sammy ScoutScoutmaster 1.0Scoutmaster in the Wild
Shady RealtorShakespearean PlayShort Runway
Shut Up and TroubleSleep OverSmart Astronaut
Smoke SignalsSnake BiteSoup and Flies
Sponge Butt PrankSquirrels Think I'm NutsStealing Boxes
Stiff NeckTagTaking My Case to Court
Talking TrashTankety TankTates Compass Lesson
Telling the TimeThe AuditionThe Good, the Bad, and the Remarkable
The PsychicThrowing Little StonesTicket Line
Tie In the DesertToothacheTrained Caterpillar
Turkey HuntTwo Suckers On a StickTypical Day in New York City
Ugliest Man in the WorldUgly BabyViper
Walk On SelectionsWallWashing Ears
Water Vending MachineWater's waterWater, Water
We Have No SkitWhat Kind of Tracks?Who's the Scoutmaster?
Why Are You Late?World Record SpitterWorst Breath
Worst CriminalScout SoapYaputcha
You Don't SayZambolo - Foot Fortune Teller 

Comedy skits bring a den or patrol together and give them a chance to work on their showmanship. A cub scout skit tends to be simpler and shorter than a boy scout skit, but most work for all boys. Some will be too subtle for the younger boys, so choose obvious ones for pack meetings. These selections can be used by christian youth groups and others.

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