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Reverence and 'Duty to God' are ideals in Scouting that can easily be overlooked in the emphasis on advancement and skills. A simple way to keep ourselves mindful of being reverent is to say a before meal grace when camping. Graces don't have to be solemn, somber prayers - there are a lot that are fun and funny which makes them more memorable. Give your scouts a chance to grow in spirituality by promoting the reverence aspect of scouting by adding a blessing before each meal.

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Simple Blessing
Scout Camp Grace
Northern Tier
Sea Base
We Gather
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Thank You God

 Oct 18, 2012 - Garland Walker
These are a good way to Thank God for all the things he does for us. Some people might say thees are the wrong way to pray but it is not. Thaking God of all he does should be fun to all and mostly to the children, God does not require for up to pray one certain way as long we think Him and talk to Him...
Mar 08, 2013 - Dan
Just a note to say hello to all and to say that this website has so much to offer for new leaders/volunteers such as myself. This section on graces will provide me with some great ideas on how to make a campout or a special dinner/event for my scouts/venturers. I look forward to learning more from this great resource. Thank-You
May 04, 2013 - Dustin
I thank you god, for this site, also. It has really helped me with Sunday services and prayers. I am very thankful for this. Thank you. Peace.
Jan 29, 2014 - Jason
Please consider adding the Worth Ranch Grace.   Written in 1929 by Jerry Fulkerson, Camp Director at Worth Ranch Scout Camp in Palo Pinto County. This was the grace taken and adjusted to Philmont by James Fitch.  

The origin of The Worth Ranch Grace was corroborated by Minor S. Huffman, Sr., the first General Manager of Philmont Scout Ranch in his book High Adventure Among the Magic Mountains: Philmont, the First 50 Years. In that book, Huffman wrote, "Worth Ranch was definitely the earliest camp to use the Grace." Huffman recalls hearing The Worth Ranch Grace on a visit to Worth Ranch in 1930 with Dr. James E. West.

As a Worth Ranch staffer it has always been a source of great pride that our grace has spread all over the Scouting world - as well as irritation that it rarely receives the credit and citation it deserves.

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