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Messengers of Peace   Messengers of Peace Award   Scout Award

Messengers of Peace is a global initiative aimed at encouraging youth to work toward peace. Taking advantage of social media, scouts from around the world share their efforts in order to inspire other scouts to undertake similar projects.
The World Scout Committee is promoting this program and it is administered by the World Scout Bureau.

Any Scout or Scouter who participates in a qualifying project can wear the Messengers of Peace ring patch. It is displayed around the World Crest above the left pocket of the uniform. Patches can be purchased by a unit representative at a local Scout Shop or council service center.

A qualifying project has a significant impact on the community in one of these three dimensions of peace:
  1. Personal dimension: harmony, justice, and equality
  2. Community dimension: peace as opposed to hostility or violent conflict
  3. Relationship between humankin and environment: security, social and economic welfare, and environment

Getting the Patch
Units that want to purchase patches should submit their Messengers of Peace related projects through the Journey to Excellence website and check the 'Messengers of Peace' box. This adds the project to the map on the Messengers of Peace website and generates a unit certificate which should be taken to the Scout Shop to purchase patches.

Some Project Ideas
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 Nov 21, 2012 - Laura
Is the Messengers of Peace ring patch still available?  I asked at my Scout Shop and they said they were discontinued.
Nov 21, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Laura - As of this date, the patches are available at
Nov 25, 2012 - melanie stafford
Only one dimension is needed to qualify for this award???  Does it require entire pack participation or can it be scouts that wish to participate??  Thanks
Nov 25, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Melanie - As it says above: "Any Scout or Scouter who participates in a qualifying project can wear the Messengers of Peace ring patch."  So, participation in one project is required.
According to the sites I linked to above, the project needs to be a unit project tracked in the JTE process.  So, the unit needs to plan the project, but the entire pack doesn't need to participate.  I suppose you might be able to just purchase a patch at your local scout shop for any scout, but you'd need to ask your scout shop directly about that.
Nov 30, 2012 - Laura
Is anyone having difficulties registering their service project in the Journey to Excellence site?  When I register and press Submit, it says there is an error.  The form is super simple to fill out, and I cannot see where there could possibly be an error.  I also cannot find a phone number to call to find out what I'm doing wrong.  Ugh.  I really want to register my Service Project so my son can get his Messenger of Peace.  Help...anyone?

Nov 30, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Laura - The 'help' there says, "If you have problems, please contact your Unit Leaders or District Executive."  You must have talked to someone in your council or district in order to get your Unit ID - I'd contact that person again if your DE and unit leaders are not available.
Jan 18, 2013 - Laura
Hi Scouter Paul, I actually had to call National and found out there was a glitch in their system.  All fixed now.  :)
Feb 25, 2013 - carolyn
Hi!  Can you tell me if this award is open to Cub Scouts?  Thank you.
Feb 25, 2013 - Scouter Paul
Carolyn - yes, it is.
May 26, 2013 - Gregory J Mullowney III
I have a ? Can u count a project u have done in years past I'm a us marine and I help with toys for tots every year and so does my my father we are unit commissioners in Denver Co thanks Gregg
Jul 31, 2013 - Mike
Can Scouts who participated in the MOP service projects at Jambo wear the ring? I see that the project needs to be a unit project, and I assume that the provo troops who went to Jambo count as units for this, but I am unsure. Does anyone know? Thanks.
Aug 29, 2013 - Tusi
I need to know i if my son can work on these requirements to earn this patch it will be ok,and how i can let the scout master he will get that patche..thank ou
Feb 18, 2015 - April Borge
Does the Messenger of Peace award remain on the uniform when the boys bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts?
Feb 22, 2015 - Scouter Paul
@April - All cub scout recognition items except the Arrow of Light patch should be removed when a scout joins a troop.  
Apr 18, 2015 - Major Dad
Not all patches are removed, any Knots earned stay on for life. Any trail Medals earned can stay on and there are a few other patches that transfer.
Apr 18, 2015 - Major Dad
Ham radio patch if earned is not removed as long as you hold a current license, also the interpreter patches stay.

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