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 Oct 08, 2012 - Nancy
Birth date requirement on the application is not needed and should be removed. It doesn't matter the age of a parent. An involved parent is an involved parent. You have no business asking their birthdate. Will you refuse an invovled, custodial parents participation with their own child if they are under 21?
Oct 08, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Nancy - No, I don't believe any BSA unit will refuse a parent from participating based on the parent's age.
For adult memberships, the BSA will refuse a person's registration into leadership positions if they are under 21, except for assistant positions.
If you read the 2nd page of the Youth Application, there are two instances where the 21 year age for the parent comes into play - being a ScoutParent and for Youth Protection Policies.  Neither of those are mandatory in order for the scout to register.
Oct 20, 2012 - Karen
I am interested in completing the BSA Family Award with my twin Tiger Cubs. We do the majority of the requirements in our daily life. Can the Award be earned in less than 10 months? Is there paperwork that needs to be filed?
Oct 20, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Karen - please see / for details about the award.  It can be earned in under 10 months.  The insignia are not restricted, so anyone can go to a scout shop and purchase the pins or patches - no paperwork is required but there is a progress record in the BSA activity book for the program.  You can purchase it at your local scout shop.

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bryce sweeney on Tracking MB
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