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Quartermaster's Store   Quartermaster's Store Song   Scout Song

This Song is meant for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
There are rats, rats, as big as alley cats,
At the store, at the store.
There are rats, rats, as big as alley cats,
At the Quartermaster's store.

My eyes are dim, I can not see.
I have not brought my specks with me. [Repeat]

Mice . . . running through the rice.
Snakes . . . as big as garden rakes.
Beans . . . as big as submarines.
Gravy . . . enough to float the navy.
Cakes . . . that give us tummy aches.
Eggs . . . with scaly chicken legs.
Butter . . . running in the gutter.
Lard . . . they sell it by the yard.
Bread . . . with great big lumps like lead.
Cheese . . . that makes you want to sneeze.
Soot . . . they grow it by the foot.
Goats . . . eating all the oats
Bees . . . with little knobby knees.
Apes . . . eating all the grapes.
Turtles . . . wearing rubber girdles.
Coke . . . enough to make you choke.
Pepsi . . . that gives you apoplexy.
Roaches . . . sleeping in the coaches.
Flies . . . swarming 'round the pies.
Fishes . . . washing all the dishes.
Moths . . . eating through the cloths
Scouts . . . eating brussel sprouts.
Leaders . . . slapping at the skeeters.
Antelopes . . . eating cantalopes.
Bears . . . with curlers in their hair.
Bobwhites . . . wearing silken tights.
Buffalos . . . with hair between their toes.
Eagles . . . chasing little beagles.
Foxes . . . stuffed in little boxes.
Owls . . . shredding paper towels.
Staffers . . . swinging from the rafters.
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