Eagle Scout Project Ideas

Eagle Scout Projects

The eagle scout candidate must complete a significant project to earn his eagle rank. Every scout should have opportunities to perform service projects, conservation projects, and building projects throughout his scouting career, not just once at the end.
Scouts at all levels can perform worthwhile projects. These project ideas are categorized so you can find projects suitable for your scout group and the type of project you are interested in performing.

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Pull Tabs for Ronald McDonald House
Wood Duck Houses
School Projects
Bat Houses
Webelos Legacy
Bird Houses
US Flag Retirement Ceremony
Book Drive
Church Grounds Renovation
Bird Watching Blind
Trail Construction
Bar-b-que for Church
Bus Stop Shelters
Charge Smoke Detectors
Bicycle Projects
Blood Drive
Recreation Projects
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Arboretum Improvement
Brochure Stand
Adopt a Fire Hydrant
Build Homes with Habitat for Humanity
Gym Wall Graphics

Serving others is an important part of the Scouting movement. Learning how to use our abilities to better our world helps a boy become a good citizen. Projects to benefit community or environment help scouts learn their responsibilities and that they can impact their surroundings. Don't wait until a scout is looking for an Eagle Project to introduce him to the idea of community service. Projects done as an individual, den, or pack should be undertaken as cub scouts. Boy Scout troops and patrols should also take on projects every year in fulfilling their 'Duty to Country'. An eagle scout service project that is a real effort is a great culmination to a boy's advancement, but remember that his eagle rank is not the end of his scouting career. He can continue to be a leader in the troop, join a venturing crew, and become a junior assistant scoutmaster - don't lose your scouts when they become eagles.

 Aug 23, 2012 - Max Holcher
looking for samples of leadership projects that can be assigned by the Scoutmaster in lieu of being a officer in the troop.
Aug 23, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Max - BSA guidance is:
For Star and Life ranks only, a unit leader may assign a leadership project as a substitute for the position of responsibility. If this is done, he or she should consult the unit committee and unit advancement coordinator to arrive at suitable standards. The experience should provide lessons similar to those of the listed positions, but it must not be confused with, or compared to, the scope of an Eagle Scout service project.

So, it's wide open for anything the unit leader deems appropriate.  I've had a scout take 6 months to plan and manage a day-long scout-skills day for Webelos.  Other ideas might be to create a list of summer camps within 200 miles and their pros/cons, or list of weekend camping spots; design new troop t-shirt or neckerchief; arrange and staff 3 or 4 opportunities for the troop to do flag ceremonies in the community.  Just ideas.
Oct 06, 2014 - Angela Kronenberg

My name is Angela Kronenberg and I'm a volunteer at the Gwinnett Co. Animal Shelter. If there's a local troop willing to help, I'd love to make a suggestion.  There's currently a beagle pup, who was hit by a car and his back legs are paralyzed.  There are doggie wheelchairs that support dogs hind quarters and allow them to walk and even run again. The shelter is hoping a rescue group will come for the pup, but getting him a wheelchair would greatly help his odds of being rescued / adopted. There are free plans online (some made from metal and others from simple PVC pipe.  I've pasted links to 2 pages below, in case there may be interest for a troop to help a disabled animal live a full and happy life. Thank you for your consideration!  



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