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Wolf Scout Skits

Wolf Scout Skits

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! Bravest Scout in the World! Emergency Alert System
! Enlarging Machine! Guess My Line on the Toilet
! Ice Fishing! Invisible Bench - plus Add-Ons
! Ole, Champion Tree Climber! One Bright Morning
! Short Runway! Typical Day in New York City
3 Vs. 1000 38 Over the Cliff
Art or Not Banana Bandana
Be Prepared Bear Attack
Big and Strong Like You Brains for Sale
Brains for Sale - Version 2 Broken Finger
Brownie Pudding Brushing Teeth
Bubblegum Burning Schoolhouse
Can of Cola Can't Work in the Dark
Cancer Operation Chicken Farmer
Chory of Stinderella or Rindercella Christmas with the Right Family
Clean Silverware Clean Socks
Climbing Lightbeam Clock Inspection
Clothes from Eddie Bauer Contagious Pregnancy
Dead Body Depressed Reporter
Did You See That? Dirty Socks
Dirty Socks - Version 2 Echos in the Woods
Elevator to Bathrooms Fifth Floor
Fishing Secret Flea Circus
Follow the Tracks Fool's Gold
Fred the Flea Gandhi
George Washington and the Cherry Tree Good Thing About Christmas
Got Any Duck Food? Gravity Check
Great Raisins Grecian Fountains
Hair in my Hamburger Hare Restorer
History of Cub Scouts Hunting Thanksgiving Dinner
I Ain't Lost I Gotta Go Wee
I Saw a Bear Infantry Is Coming
Is It Time Yet? Jailhouse Jokes
Jelly Beans Please Lemonade for Sale
Lighthouse Stairs Listen!
Lobster Tail Lone Ranger and Tonto
Lost Bubblegum Lost Green Ball
Lost Quarter Lucky Boxer
Magic - Mystic Reader Measuring Leader's Coffin
Meat for Sale Musical Toilet Seats
My Centipeed My Royal Papers
My Worm Need a Big Jerk
Need the Time New Underwear
Not Enough Parachutes Nuts, the Elephant
Nutty Fisherman Oh What a Goose I Am
Olive the Other Reindeer Olympic Blanket Tossing Team
Operation Out of Film
Outrun the Bear Panther Tracks
Pass the Pepper Penguin Soup
Penny Candy Plane Engine Trouble
Professor's Address Pulling and Pushing Rope
Puppy In a Box Raisin Fly
Raking an Invisible Garden Run-aways
Sleep Over Smart Astronaut
Smoke Signals Soup and Flies
Sponge Butt Prank Squirrels Think I'm Nuts
Stiff Neck Taking My Case to Court
Talking Trash Telling the Time
The Audition The Good, the Bad, and the Remarkable
The Psychic Throwing Little Stones
Toothache Trained Caterpillar
Turkey Hunt Two Suckers On a Stick
Ugliest Man in the World Viper
Walk On Selections Washing Ears
Water Vending Machine Water, Water
We Have No Skit What Kind of Tracks?
World Record Spitter Worst Breath
Worst Criminal Scout Soap
Yaputcha You Don't Say


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Help your den be the hit of the next pack meeting by presenting a great cub scout skit from this collection. Make sure the scouts have time to practice their parts and are ready to perform. As they get better at working together, scouts should get to choose their own cub scout skits to present. Giving them a list of 3 or 4 to choose from might be a good idea.

class="ttext">Let each scout have an opportunity to be the lead onstage. Participating in cub scout skits is a great way to build comfort at being in front of groups. Remember to coach the scouts to perform for the audience rather than just giggle amongst themselves.

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