Gandhi Skit for All scouts

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Gandhi   Gandhi Skit   Scout Skit

6 or more scouts
candle and match
match striking surface and tape
rubber ball
stick of gum
one scout is Narrator, one is Gandhi, rest are run-ons.
one scout as Gandhi (smallest scout is best, bare-footed, dressed up if desired) stands center stage. Gandhi has match striking surface taped to the bottom of one foot.
Narrator: A mystical, peace-loving man from India spent much of his life promoting non-violence. We can learn a lot from this man. His name is Mahatma Gandhi. (Gandhi walks around stage.)
Narrator: Gandhi led a simple life and usually walked barefoot. Over time, this made his feet very tough with thick calluses.
(scout comes onstage with candle and match, looking for a place to light it.)
Scout #1: Gandhi, I am unable to light my candle. Can you help me?
Gandhi: Certainly. (he sits down on the chair and crosses his leg up so his soul with the match striking surface is available to the scout, but not seen from the audience. The scout strikes the match, lights the candle.)
Scout #1: Oh, thank you, great Gandhi.
Gandhi: Don't mention it.
(scout walks to stage side to wait for end.)

Narrator: Gandhi also fasted many times to make political statements. This lack of food made him quite fragile.
(scouts come onstage bouncing a rubber ball back and forth. One misses it so it bounces over to Gandhi.)
Scout #2: Gandhi, would you please return our ball to us?
Gandhi: You bet. (gets up and goes to the ball. Tries to pick it up, but can not.)
Gandhi: Sorry, boys. That ball is too heavy for me. (scouts get their ball and walk to the stage side.)

Narrator: Gandhi also ate a simple diet, but it was very spicy Indian food. This gave him halitosis, which is just a scientific word for Bad Breath.
(scouts come onstage and walk up to Gandhi.)
Scouts: Hello, Gandhi!
Gandhi: Hiiiiiii, people! (scouts grab their noses)
Scout #3: Here, Gandhi, have some gum. (hands him a stick of gum and they leave)

Narrator: Now, you know about Gandhi. He was a Super Callused, Fragile, Mystic hexed by Halitosis.

(all scouts run to center stage, link arms with Gandhi, and they all sing the Mary Poppins song...)
Super callused fragile mystic
hexed by halitosis.
Even though the sound of it
is something quite atrocious.
If you say it loud enough,
you're sure to sound precocious.
Super callused fragile mystic
hexed by halitosis!

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