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6 scouts
Lead Actor as "Black Bart"
Supporting actor as "The Sheriff"
Supporting actor as "The stagecoach"
Supporting actor as "The Crier"
The Director
The Cameraman
The cameraman needs to be persistent but not forceful so the director makes him wait.
A big movie studio is filming the new western action film "Black Bart Returns".

Director sits in chair, cameraman stands by him. Other actors are on the side of the stage, waiting for their cues.

Director: Places, everyone, places!
Cameraman: (somewhat timidly) Excuse me, sir...
Director: Not now, we're doing this scene Now! OK, ACTION!
(cameraman pretends to hold up his camera and film the scene)

Crier: (runs to center stage) Black Bart is Back in town!!! (runs offstage)
Black Bart: (swaggering to center stage) Where's that no-good, weak-kneed, yella-bellied, candy-eatin', jelly-spined sheriff?
Sheriff: (entering from offstage) Ah'm right here, Black Bart! And, you're not welcome in this town!
(they face each other and as Black Bart draws his gun, the sheriff draws faster and shoots him dead.)
Director: CUT! Not bad, but it needs to be more [graceful, violent, tearful, manly, a musical, ... whatever silly ways you can think of] Take it from the top. Places!
(whatever way the director says, the actors will go way overboard in that manner. Like dancing like ballerinas instead of swaggering)
Cameraman: I'm sorry sir, I really need to talk to you...
Director: Be quiet! OK, ACTION!
(cameraman pretends to hold up his camera and film the scene)

(repeat the director demanding something different and the cameraman trying to tell him something a couple more times. For the last take, the director says...)
Director: OK, put all that together and get it right this time!
Cameraman: But, sir, I can't...
Director: Shut up! OK, ACTION!
(cameraman pretends to hold up his camera and film the scene)
Director: Terrific! That was perfect. Ok, let me see how that looked in the camera.
(All the actors congratulate each other and are very relieved to finally be done with the scene. Director goes up to cameraman and starts looking in viewer.)
Cameraman: I'm sorry sir, I've been trying to tell you - There's no film in the camera!
(everyone chases the cameraman offstage)
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