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Cancer Operation   Cancer Operation Skit   Scout Skit

3 scouts, a tin can, knife, spoon, monkey wrench, tweezers, other items that you might want to ad-lib.
a table is helpful, a sheet is a good addition
One scout is the patient laying on a table or on the floor. Drape the sheet over him as if he is ready for an operation. He needs to have the tin can hidden at his side away from the audience.

One scout, the Doctor, walks in with his hands held up as if he's just scrubbed for surgery. The other carries in all the tools. They lean over the patient.

Doctor: Is this the patient, sir?
Nurse: Yes, sir.
Doctor: Hmmmmmm, looks pretty bad.
Nurse: Can you save him, sir?
Doctor: Well, sir, I don't know. It'll be tough.
Nurse: What does he have, sir?
Doctor: It looks like a terrible cancer there, but I think we can do it. Knife!
Nurse: Knife, sir.
Doctor: Spoon!
Nurse: Spoon, sir.
Doctor: Oops, that's the liver.
Nurse: There's the bowels, sir. Pee-uuu!
Doctor: Yes, sir. Those sure smell. Aha, I've found the cancer. Monkey wrench!
Nurse: Monkey wrench, sir.
Doctor: Tweezers!
Nurse: Tweezers, sir.
Doctor: There, I've removed the cancer.
Nurse: Congratulations, sir. But, what should I do with the can, sir? (while holding up a tin can)

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 Feb 10, 2013 - Julie Kastros
Cancer just isn't funny.  Too many people are affected and I am sure many, many scouts know of or are related to someone with this terrible disease.  I think this skit is in very poor taste and respectfully ask that you remove it from your list of suggested skits.  
Feb 11, 2013 - Brad
Commenting that the skit is in poor taste is perfectly fine, it is your opinion, but asking to remove it from the site is going too far.  What happened to personal choices and responsibility.

If you don't think it's an appropriate skit, then don't use it.  If you don't like what's on TV do you send an email the the station demanding they take it off the air... This is happening way too much, people are raising too much fuss over something that has no bearing on them.

Before you go on saying that I'm a heartless SOB, my mother and many other women in my family are battling Breast Cancer at this moment.  I have also done fundraising for the Leiukemia & Lymphoma Society and respect all people that are survivors.  This disease is a horrible monster and I myself would not use this skit.  But I'm not going to tell other people how to run their show.

Apr 17, 2013 - Elizabeth
Good point Brad.  I organize a Family Fun Night for an annual event at our church.  Having been a den leader years ago, I knew this site could help me find family-appropriate skits and have used it very often.  I know there is a skit about a reporter looking for a good story that involves suicide.  I have had a loved one and a good friend take their lives, my husband's father did also as has the husband & father of other church members so I have personally not wanted to perform that skit.  Last year another member wanted to contribute a skit and chose to do the reporter skit.  In watching their performance of it I saw the humor and fun of the novice actors acting and I had to laugh.  Sometimes we just need to lighten up!
Thanks for your contributions to Scouting and beyond.

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