Ugliest Man in the World Skit for All scouts

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Ugliest Man in the World   Ugliest Man in the World Skit   Scout Skit

1 good-humored adult victim.
6 or more scouts
a blanket or jacket to cover one actor's head
One scout is the ugliest man and is under a blanket.
Another scout is the circus caller getting brave people to pay money to see the ugliest man.
The rest are customers.
Caller: Gather round! Step right up! Who is brave enough to gaze on the face of the ugliest man in the world? Only 25 cents! Step right up! Hey, you there - are you brave enough?
Scout #1: Sure, I'm brave! Here's your quarter, let me see him.
(Scout #1 walks up to ugly man an peers under the blanket at his face. He then screams, falls back, and faints.)
Caller: Now that was a brave lad! But, he didn't have the fortitude of character to withstand the ugliest man in the world. How about you, sir? Are you strong enough and brave enough?
Scout #2: Ha! You better believe it. Here's two bits. Now, let me see him.
(Scout #2 peers under the blanket with similar results.)
(repeat this for all the scouts until they are all fainted.)
Caller: Certainly there must be someone here brave and strong enough to view the ugliest man in the world and live to tell about it. Anyone? How about you, sir? (addressing the leader or other unsuspecting adult. Coax him up or work on someone else until someone is convinced to try.)

When the victim looks under the blanket, the ugliest man in the world screams and runs away in fright.
Did you try it and like it?             Or hate it?
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