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Grecian Fountains   Grecian Fountains Skit   Scout Skit

This Skit has gross parts.
2 scouts
2 water pitchers
2 sheets
Wear the sheets like togas and fill the water pitchers.
If your two actors can make it through the whole thing without cracking a smile, all the better!
Scout #1: (in a most sophisticated voice possible) Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this evenings rendition of the much-acclaimed short play 'Grecian Fountains'. This evenings presentation is a one-act play brought to you by the good people at [PetCo, K-Mart, Burger King, ...]. Please refrain from video taping and flash photography. Thank you, and please enjoy the show. Quiet, please!

Scout #1 gracefully walks to position stage left while Scout #2 moves to stage right. Both stand tall, still, solemn, and silent.

After a few seconds, Scout #1 starts a slow, graceful walk halfway to center stage. There, he faces Scout #2 so he is sideways to the audience, takes a large mouthful from his pitcher, and spits it out in a high, streaming arch like a fountain. Remaining serious the entire time.
When Scout #1 finishes, Scout #2 repeats.
Scout #1 walks closer to center stage, adding more artistic moves and striking a more difficult pose, such as holding a foot up or arms out. He takes water and spits.
Scout #2 repeats.
(do this as many times as you want, but don't let it get too old)
#1 and #2 should be getting closer all the time. Now, #1 does a graceful dance step so he is right next to and facing #2. He takes water and aims his fountain so it splatters right at and on the feet of #2.
#2 dances around #1, takes water, and streams it on his leg.
#1 repeats, getting #2 wet on the chest.
#2 repeats, streaming water down #1's back or neck. He also needs to have his pitcher raised high and in front of him when he strikes his pose. This is the cue to #1 that the final act is to occur.
#1 strikes a pose directly in front of #2 facing him and underneath the upraised pitcher. #1 takes water and raises his pitcher identically to #2. As soon as he lets a trickle of water out of his mouth, or winks, or gives a signal, they both pour slow streams of water from their pitchers on the other for the grand finale.
When the pitchers are drained, gracefully turn to face the audience and take deep bows.
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