The Good, the Bad, and the Remarkable Skit for Wolf scouts, Bear scouts, Webelos scouts

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The Good, the Bad, and the Remarkable   The Good, the Bad, and the Remarkable Skit   Scout Skit

This Skit is meant for Wolf scouts, Bear scouts, Webelos scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
Costumes: 5 Goggles and scarves
Props: Cardboard airplane wings, 2 painted olive green for the Allies, 3 painted gray for the enemy.
A good project to create the props and practice the play.
Written by Ellen Withee

Cast of Characters:
1 - Narrator
2 - U.S. Aces: (make up your own names)
Ryan the Remarkable
Nick The Navigator
3 - Enemy Pilots:
Dastardly Dan, The Devil of Deutschland:
Baron Josh Von Justajerk
Baron Nathanmeister Von Shootemdown

Narrator: World War I was the first time America used airplanes in military service. The brave pilots that flew the hostile skies over Europe are the subjects of today's story. We bring you, 'The Good, The Bad and The Remarkable.'
One fine day, we meet two Ace pilots from the United States. Introducing Ryan the Remarkable.

(Ryan flies in, stops at front of stage.)

Ryan: I'm remarkable! I'm a remarkable pilot, remarkably strong and remarkably handsome. (Poses) My feet smell remarkably good.

Narrator: Okay, okay. We get it!

(Ryan flies to the side of the stage.)

Narrator: And our second ace pilot is Nick the Navigator. Nick can navigate through anything.

(Nick flies in, stops at front of stage.)

Nick: I navigate!

(Nick smiles and winks at the audience, gives thumbs up, then joins Ryan at side of stage.)

Narrator: Our brave pilots have been on a reconnaissance mission and just found out the location of the enemy's secret air base.

(Nick flies up, making lots of corners. Stops at front of stage, gives thumbs up and flies off as Ryan flies up.)

Ryan: Aren't I remarkable?

Narrator: Suddenly three enemy planes approach. Our heroes recognize Dastardly Dan, the Devil of Deutschland.

(Daniel flies to the front, gives really evil laugh, rubs hands together like a villain, and then flies to the side.)

Narrator: Oh no! It's Baron JoshVon Justajerk!

(Josh flies to the front.)

Josh: I'm not just a jerk, I'm a Von Justajerk!

(Josh laughs evilly and flies to the side.)

Narrator: And as luck would have it, they were joined by Baron NathanMeister Von Shootemdown. He's known for his weapons of destruction.

(Nathan flies to front of stage, takes out a silly item like a dog squeaky toy or a banana, squeaks the toy, looks at it and shrugs, flies to the side.)

Narrator: Our pilots couldn't let these evil enemies keep them from completing their mission. It was time for a dogfight!

(All 5 pilots fly to center stage pretending to be shooting at their opponents. Then American aces make barking sounds and enemy pilots make catfight noises.)

Narrator: Dastardly Dan has taken a hit!

(Daniel flies to front, shakes his fist at Americans.)

Daniel: Curses! I'll be back, you. you. Americans!

(Daniel flies to side of stage as Ryan the Remarkable flies to front.)

Ryan: That was remarkably easy!

(Nick joins him.)

Nick: He wasn't a very good navigator.

(Nathan and Josh fly to the front as 2 Aces fly off.)

Nathan and Josh: But we're still here!

(The four pilots resume fighting.)

Ellen: It looks like NathanMeister has taken a hit.

(Nathan flies slowly to the front.)

Nathan: I'm losing speed! That's so na-s-t-y.

(His voice trails away as he flies to the side. Nick the Navigator and Ryan the Remarkable do a high five. Ryan then flies past the front of the stage.)

Ryan: Remarkable!

(Dastardly Dan sputters slowly back to the front.)

Daniel: I told you I'd be back.
(His plane starts acting up in some way.)

(Daniel flies to side again.)

NathanMeister (from the side): That's nasty!

Josh: No jerk is going to stop a Von Justajerk. I can't let the Americans succeed.

(Both Americans start flying toward Josh. Josh flies away from them then back to the front of the stage.)

Josh: Those Jerks!

(Josh flies to the side in retreat. The Americans cheer and fly to the front.)

Nick: It's time to get back to the base. I'll navigate.

Ryan (to Nick): You're remarkable!

Nick (to Ryan): Look who's talking!

(Both fly to back of the stage. Three enemy pilots fly to the front, waving their fists at the Americans.)

Enemy pilots: See you in the next world war!

Daniel: I'll be back!

(All 5 pilots come to front, stand in a line, the three enemies on one end, Ryan the Remarkable in the center, Nick on the other side of him.)

Entire Cast: And that's the story of the Good, (Nick the Navigator takes a step forward and bows), the Bad, (three enemy pilots step forward and bow) and the remarkable. (Ryan steps forward.)

Ryan (shrugging his shoulders): What can I say?

Entire Cast: The End!
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