I Ain't Lost Skit for All scouts

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I Ain't Lost   I Ain't Lost Skit   Scout Skit

4 or more scouts
a chair 
a map
1 scout is a local fellow sitting on his front porch. 
The rest are on a hike and find themselves lost.
The Local can use a slow drawl accent if that would make it funnier. 
The hiking scouts get more frustrated with each question asked.
Scout #1: (to other hikers, while looking at map) Gee, guys, looks like we're lost.
Scout #2: Let's ask that guy over there for directions.
(walk over to Local sitting on chair.)
Scout #3: Excuse me, we've been hiking for 20 miles and we seem to be lost. Can you help us?
Local: Why, shore, whadda ya need?
Scout #1: (looking at map) Can you tell us where Mt. Plummet is from here?
Local: Nope, never heard of it.
Scout #2: Can you point us towards 'the White River'?
Local: Nope, don't know where that's at.
Scout #3: How about Fort Smithers?
Local: Nope, don't know that one neither.
Scout #1: Well, how far is it to 'Red Prairie' then?
Local: Sorry, couldn't tell ya.
Scout #2: Oh, come on! Where's the closest highway?
Local: Highway? Hmm, don't know if there is a highway round here.
Scout #3: Sheesh! What DO you know?
Local: Well, sonny, I DO know I ain't lost!

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