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a leader
1 or more scouts
an adult is leading a group on a hike with one whining scout.
(group enters stage as if on a long hike, somewhat tired out by now. Only the scout and leader have parts.)
(the scout always talks in a whiny, screachy voice.)
Scout : I'm tired. I want a break.
Leader: No, we still have 4 miles to hike before we get back to the trailhead.
Scout : But, I'm tired. I'll tell my Mom if we don't stop.
Leader: Oh, all right. Everybody halt! Take a 2 minute rest.
Scout : I want to sit down.
Leader: The ground's all muddy. Go ahead if you want to be a sloppy mess.
(scout sits down. Then, looks up at leader.)
Scout : Sit down with me.
Leader: No, I'm not getting all muddy.
Scout : I'll tell my Mom.
Leader: I don't care. I'm not getting all muddy.
Scout : I'll tell my Dad.
Leader: Oh, all right!
(leader plops down next to scout and shakes mud off his hands.)
Scout : Oh, look! A big worm. Pick it up for me.
Leader: No, pick it up yourself.
Scout : I'll tell my Mom.
Leader: Go ahead, I don't care.
Scout : I'll tell my Dad.
Leader: So what.
Scout : I'll tell your wife.
Leader: OK! OK! I've got your worm, see?
Scout : Break it in half for me.
Leader: No! That's disgusting!
Scout : Do it or I'll tell your wife.
Leader: No! Go ahead and tell her.
Scout : I'll cry!
(starts crying loudly. All the scouts cover their ears and leader frantically breaks worm in half.)
Leader: There! There! It's broken already.
Scout : Eat half of it.
Leader: No!
(scout starts crying almost as loud as he can and watching the leader. Leader finally eats half the worm, gagging on it. But, the scout cries even louder.)
Leader: Stop! I ate half the worm. Why won't you stop?
Scout : (pauses in his screaming) You ate MY HALF! (screams some more)

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 Nov 05, 2014 - Daxton
Sadly, this is very accurate to most of our actual hikes.

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