Oh What a Goose I Am Skit for All scouts

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Oh What a Goose I Am   Oh What a Goose I Am Skit   Scout Skit

1 scout
3 or more victims
turban or towel around head
chair or table
Scout sits cross-legged on table top or chair with turban on his head, looking mystic.
Shaman: I am the Supernatural Shaman of Siam. I have been enlightened and now understand everything about everything.
Shaman: Today, I will share my enlightenment with a few of you here that are most in need.
(With a look of extreme concentration, call forward a few of the leaders.)
Shaman: My mystic powers tell me that here today we DO have leaders in need of enlightenment. Mr. ________, Mr. ________, Ms. _______, ... - you are in need. Please approach my mightiness so I may aid you in your efforts to Do Your Best.
(hopefully, the people will come forward. you may need to add a little more coaxing and ask their scouts to help get them up to the stage.)
(once they are all present.)
Shaman: I have discovered the secret to better leadership, inner peace, and better rest. It is a simple mantra to be repeated every morning upon waking. I will now teach you so that you may prosper and you may teach it to others, being the great leaders that you are.
Shaman: Now, repeat after me.
Shaman: (puts arms straight down) OWHA!
Shaman: (puts arms straight out) TAGOO!
Shaman: (puts arms straight up) SIAM!
Shaman: Very Good! The meaning of this mantra is ancient and difficult to translate, but it pretty much means "Siam is #1!"
Shaman: Try the mantra one more time. (repeats leading it.)
Shaman: Good, I think you have it! The enlightenment comes from rapid repetition of the mantra in time with those around you so we will practice that now just to be sure you have it. Please form a line facing the audience.
Shaman: Do the mantra again. (repeats leading it.)
Shaman: Repeat it faster now.
Shaman: Faster.
Shaman: Faster! Keep going!
(as they do it faster, the words will slur into OwhatagooseIam - oh, what a goose I am.

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