Jailhouse Jokes Skit for All scouts

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Jailhouse Jokes   Jailhouse Jokes Skit   Scout Skit

4 to 8 scouts
1 scout is the jailer
1 scout is a new inmate
other scouts are inmates
(jailer leads new inmate to jail cell where all the other inmates are sitting around.)
Jailer: Here's your new home. Don't worry, 10 years will go by fast and I'm sure you'll make friend real fast with your new roommates. Ha ha ha!
(shoves new guy into cell and locks the door and leaves stage)
New Inmate: (timidly) Hi, guys.
(other inmates tell him to shut up, sit down, be quiet, don't bother me, pipe down, ...)
(wait for a few second pause of silence while the new inmate looks sad and dejected.)
Inmate #1: 22!
(everyone but new inmate laughs.)
Inmate #2: 57!
(everyone but new inmate laughs.)
Inmate #3: 98!
(everyone but new inmate laughs.)
(new inmate looks confused and can't figure out what is going on.)
New Inmate: I don't get it. What are you guys laughing at?
Inmate #1: We've been locked up in here so long we've memorized all the jokes we know. So, to save time, we gave each joke a number and when someone says a number, we know what joke they're telling.
New Inmate: Oh! I'll give it a try. "63!!!"
(no one laughs. they just look at him.)
New Inmate: What? Why didn't anyone laugh?
Inmate #2: I guess some people just can't tell a joke.

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