Sponge Butt Prank Skit for All scouts

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Sponge Butt Prank   Sponge Butt Prank Skit   Scout Skit

4 scouts and a good-humored victim from the audience
A bucket with a wet sponge.

4 chairs - 1 facing the other 3 sideways to the audience.
bag of candy
One scout is the leader, two are contestants, and one is off stage with the wet sponge behind where the 3 contestants will sit.
It is possible to double-cross with this skit and have a second accomplice that puts a sponge on the leader's seat or on all the contestants seats.
Leader: Welcome to the latest game show sensation - Follow My Lead! Today, we need 3 contestants from the audience to play for these great prizes.
(hold up bag of candy)
(choose 2 accomplices from audience and one victim)

Leader: Please take a seat here.
(point to chairs. Accomplices make sure victim sits closest to audience)
Leader: OK, here's how the game is played. You just follow my lead and do what I do. When someone makes a mistake, they are disqualified. The last one wins! Let's go! Watch me closely at all times.

(leader sits in single chair, feet flat on the floor and hands in lap, looking straight ahead.)
Leader: (stands) Chicka-Chicka. (sits) Boom-Boom.
(contestants repeat)
Leader: (stands) Chicka. (sits) Boom. (stands) Chicka. (sits) Boom.
(contestants repeat)
Leader: (stands and raises hands straight up) Chicka-Chicka. (puts hands straight forward and sits) Boom-Boom.
(contestants repeat)

(now the offstage helper sneaks forward so the victim can not see him)
Leader: (covers eyes with hands and stands) Chicka-Boom. (uncovers eyes, raises eyes to ceiling and sits) Chicka-Boom.
(as soon as contestants stand, helper puts sponge on victim's seat. contestants repeat)

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