Cub Scout Games for Wolfs

Wolf Scout Games

Wolf Scout Games

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! 500! Hunker Down
! Last Match! Marble Drop
! Ping Pong Air Hockey! Pinguard
! Rooster Fights! Spud
! T-Shirt Relay Ace-King-Queen
Aerobic Tag Airplane Race
All Aboard Alphabet Bag
Ankle Fights Arm Wrestling
Atomic Particle Collecting Balance Relay
Ball of String Relay Ball Scramble
Ball Toss Relay Balloon Basket
Balloon Batting Buddies Balloon Break
Balloon Hanging Balloon Hot Potato
Balloon Monster Balloon Relay
Balloon Stomp Bang the Can Relay
Base Attack Bat Ball
Beachball Ballyhoo Bicycle Races
Birds of a Feather Bizz Buzz
Blind Balloon Volleyball Blind Birds
Blind Corners Blind Observations
Blind Referee Blind Tazers
Blob Tag Blowhard Relay
Bogus Baseball Borg Tag
Bubble Gum Relay Buddy Tag
Build It Calendar Toss
Can Stack Candy Dice
Capture the Flag Catch the Cane
Catch the Thief Catch Up
Caterpillar Race Chicken Run
Circle Jump Rope Circle Suck-ups
Clothespin Tag Cloud Puff Relay
Collection of Silly Races Complicated Tag
Counting Coup Counting Relay
Crab Fights Crab Scuttle
Crabs, Crows, and Cranes Crack the Cracker
Crocodile Dead Ant
Defender Dissolving Necklaces
Ditchem DodgeBall in a Circle
Duck, Duck, Goose Exercise Relay
Feather Toss Fighter Pilots
Find It Find the Leader
Finger Jousting Fire Brigade
Fitness Relay Flip a Deck Relay
Flip the Penny Flying Dutchman
Football Scramble Free For All Soccer
Frisbee Golf with compasses Frog or Kangaroo Relay
Frogs and Flies Fumble Fingers Relay
Giants, Elfs, and Wizards Good Morning, Captain
Gooey Gobble Grab Five
Guardian Heave, Ho, Throw
Hit the Bucket Hoop on a Loop
Hop the Staff Hot and Cold
Human Chain Race Human Foosball
Human Ladder Race I'm Taking
Infinite Dodgeball Jelly Bean Relay
John Henry Relay Kangaroo Relay
Kangaroo Tails Keys In a Can
Kim's Game Kim's Group Game
King Bat Kubb
La Palma Lame Chicken Race
Line Up Liquid Chain
Long, Short, Round Relay Making Change Relay
Manhunt Match Stacking
Math Masters Memory Battleship
Monkey in the Middle Mouse Trap War
Mousetrap Minefield Natural Selection
Nature Boulles Nature Sketch Hunt
Newspaper Basketball No Man's Land
No See Ems Octopus Race
Oxygen Tank Fill Pack n Go
Palm Push Paper Tennis
Perpetual Motion Balls Photo Memory
Pickin' Cotton Ping Pong 500
Ping Pong Air Race Ping Pong Football
Ping Pong Knock Out Pony Express
Pony Express Relay Pruie
Pure Luck Relay Pushme Pullya
Quarter Dodge Ball Race to the Gap
Rainy Day Gold Rattlesnake Hunter
Ready for Winter Red or Black
Rescue Race Rock Paper Scissors
Row Your Boat Run the Ring
Sardine Tag Save London
Scramble Secret Message Relay
Sentry Post Shark!
Shoot Out Shopping Cart
Silly Olympics Sitting Ducks
Slap Clap Snap Smile Toss
Smugglers Soda Bowling
Spaghetti Stretch Sponge Relay
Staff Stories Stalking Antelope
Steal the Bacon Steal the Treasure
String Seek Submarine Maneuvers
Swat to the Gap Sweets Relay
Tail Grab Thiefs
Three-Way Soccer Through the Tunnel
Tin Can Relay Toe Fencing
Train Race Trash Ball
Treasure of the Blind Tribble Hunt
Turtle Soccer Ultimate Frisbee
Vegetable Olympics Water Balloon Volleyball
Water Transport We Like ... But We Don't Like ...
Wheel Relay Wheelbarrow Race
Who's Got The Ball? Who's Missing?
Wink Work Up
Yanks and Rebels Zip-Zap


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These Cub Scout games are great for entertaining Wolf scouts. Scouts will always want to play the same game over and over once they get a favorite, so keep adding new games to the mix. Use an active outdoors cub scout game to get scouts running around and burning energy or a quieter one for inside.

Let your scouts choose the cub scout games they most enjoy and teach them to Tigers at a pack meeting. Send me any good cub scout games you don't find here and I'll add them to the list.

 Jan 14, 2013 - Nick Coomes
This is awesome...I am a relatively new Wolf Scout leader and this was exactly what I needed!
Mar 05, 2013 - Rodney Conklin
**Battle Scouts**
The boys in my Wolf Den love to play this game, it is a spin off of battle ship. The game takes about five minutes to play and gives the boys a chance to stand up, move around and have some fun.

Cut three pieces of different colored construction paper into six pieces each and write the numbers 1-6 on number per page.

>I break the group into teams of 3-4 scouts, three teams is best but be certain all have an equal number of players.

>Have each team stand on different sides of the room
>Have the boys choose a number and hold their card so nobody can see it, then put the remaining cards away.
>Each team, in order, calls a color and number for a shot. i.e. Red-4 or Blue-2, etc
>If a players color/number is called they must sit down
>Continue going around until one team is out or only one team remains standing

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