Pony Express Game for Cub Scouts

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Pony Express   Pony Express Game   Scout Game

This Game is meant for Cub Scouts.
Four boxes
one or more decks of playing cards
When the Pony Express was first started, a contest was held to determine which riders were the best at delivering messages to the correct location in the fastest time. Riders delivered messages to Club Med, Spade Cemetary, Diamond Mine, and Broken Heart Ranch. The fastest riders got the job.

On one box, draw a large Spade. On each other box, draw a Diamond, Club, or Heart so there is a sign for each suit of cards (Spade Cemetary, Diamond Mine, Club Med, and Broken Heart Ranch).
Place the boxes 20-30 feet apart at one end of the play field.

Gather all scouts at the other end of the play field.
Count the total number of scouts. Count out three times that many cards.
Divide into teams or have each patrol be a team - they don't have to be same size teams, but the smaller teams will run more laps.
Deal out the cards facedown into piles for each team. Any leftover cards are not used, so each team has the same number of cards.

On 'Go', the first scout on each team picks up the top card and delivers it to the correct destination. He returns to tag the next scout who does the same. The first patrol to to deliver all their messages wins.

You may want a referee to receive the messages and verify they are at the correct destination.

You could have a stack of 3 or 4 cards for every scout and run everyone at once in a Stampede to find the fastest Pony Express rider in the troop.
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