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Staff or broomstick for each scout.
Could use neckerchiefs instead.
Everyone stands in a circle shoulder-to-shoulder facing inward.
With right hand, hold staff standing on end on the ground.
The leader proceeds to tell a story. Whenever the word RIGHT is mentioned, people let go of their staffs and reach to catch the staff to their RIGHT. Whenever LEFT is mentioned, go to the LEFT.
If a staff hits the ground, the scout that was to catch it is out.
Continue until only one scout remains.

Alternative: hold neckerchiefs straight out at should height and drop them when LEFT or RIGHT are mentioned.
Alternative 2: Everyone sits cross-legged with their neckerchief on the ground in front of them. When LEFT or RIGHT are mentioned, a scout grabs the neckerchief to his LEFT or RIGHT and then grabs his own xneckerchief with the same hand. If he can grab it before his neighbor does, his neighbor is out. This gives people more time to react and stay in the game.

Sample Story: Once upon a time, a scout LEFT his home.
He wanted to see the world and make a fortune. As he was walking, he met a young girl washing clothes RIGHT beside a stream.
He could tell she was very nice, RIGHT away.
He told her he had LEFT his home.
And was setting off to see the world. She asked if she could come with him. When he said 'Yes', she LEFT her clothes behind.
They walked the rest of the morning until they came to a fork in the road. The scout decided to turn LEFT.
But, the girl went RIGHT.
And, they never saw each other again.
The End.
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