Human Ladder Race Game for All scouts

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Human Ladder Race   Human Ladder Race Game   Scout Game

Place two lines, poles, or markers of some kind about 30 feet apart. Place two ribbons or flags on one of the markers.
Line up two patrols facing each other with patrol leaders at the head of the line facing each other. Each scout should be shoulder to shoulder with his teammates. Have each scout sit down with legs extended together straight forward so his feet touch the feet of the scout from the other patrol across from him. Arrange the people so the feet are lined up all the way down the line, like this:

+  F   F  +
|         |
|         |
| O== ==O |
| O== ==O |
| O== ==O |
| O== ==O |
| O== ==O |
| O== ==O |
|         |
|         |
+  x   x  +

In the diagram, the 'F' is the flag. The 'x' is the 2nd marker. The patrol leader is the scout at the top of each column of sitting scouts.
On signal, the xtam leader from each patrol jumps up and runs to his patrol's flag. He grabs it, runs down to the 2nd marker, stepping over the legs of his patrol. When he touches the 2nd marker, he runs back to his starting place and sits down. He then hands the flag to the next scout in line who runs the same course.
In this way, the first scout that a running scout steps over is the scout that just ran - this should help eliminate false starts.

The last scout to run places his flag on the 2nd marker and the first patrol to do that is the winner.

Alternate Layout: You can place obstacles such as tires, chairs, benches, knots to tie, questions to answer, ... outside the lines of scouts. Instead of having each scout run over the legs twice, you could have them run one length of the course behind their team forcing them to accomplish the obstacles.

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