Pony Express Relay Game for All scouts

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Pony Express Relay   Pony Express Relay Game   Scout Game

a selection of old letters, envelopes, newspapers - about 6 per patrol.
Mark a starting line and a distant turing spot, about 20 to 50 feet away, depending on space.
Place the mailbag about 15 feet behind the starting line, or some other place out of the way.
Pony Express riders were fast and fearless. They would ride into a station and leap from their spent horse onto a fresh one to continue their long journey delivering important mail.

Patrols line up.
One scout on each patrol is chosen to be the Pony Express Rider.
All the rest are horses.
On 'Go', all riders run to the mailbag and grab one letter to carry.
They then return to their patrol and mount a fresh horse. They set out to the far marker and back.
When a rider reaches his patrol, he switches from his tired out horse to a fresh one for another ride.
If the rider touches the ground, at any point along the course, he must run to the mailbag and retrieve another letter to carry while his horse rests.
If the rider touches the ground when switching horses, he must retrieve two letters.
Letters accumulate and need to be delivered at the end of the line.
First patrol to complete a predefined number of laps is the winner.

If played outside, set up a large oval course with 3 or 4 switching stations spaced around it and the mailbag in the center. The first patrol to complete a certain number of laps is the winner.
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