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Chicken Run   Chicken Run Game   Scout Game

rubber chicken (or large bean bag)
Make two teams.

Leader of first team throws chicken as far as he can and yells CHICKEN RUN!
His team then bunches into as small a group as they can except for one scout who is the 'runner'.
The runner runs around and around the group as fast as he can, yelling out the number of laps as he circles.

Meanwhile, the other team runs to where the chicken landed and forms a line facing the chicken. The leader picks up the chicken and hands it over his shoulder to the scout behind him. That scout hands it under his legs to the scout behind him. This is repeated over-under all the way to the last scout in line. When the last scout gets the chicken, he throws it as far as he can and yells CHICKEN RUN!

The teams switch roles running in circles and chasing the chicken for a set time limit. The team with the most laps wins.

May have rule that each scout can only be a runner or thrower once during a game.

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