Dead Ant Game for Tiger scouts, Wolf scouts, Bear scouts

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Dead Ant   Dead Ant Game   Scout Game

This Game is meant for Tiger scouts, Wolf scouts, Bear scouts.
3 to 5 blankets or hula hoops
Position the hoops randomly around the play area - these are the Ant Hills.

Divide the group into 2 teams of Ants.

From each team, choose 1 or 2 Yellow Jackets - these kill ants.


ANT - The aim of the game is to be keep yourself and your fellow ants alive.

YELLOW JACKET - Kill all the ants, by tagging them.


Once an ant has been tagged, he must lay dead on the ground with legs and arms in the air.

A dead ant can be revived by it's fellow ants if two of them carry the dead ant to an ant hill (one ant at either end using arms and legs for a safe carry). After the dead ant has been set on the ant hill it is alive and can continue playing.

Yellow Jackets cannot tag ants when they are on ant hills.

Yellow Jackets cannot tag ants when they are carrying a dead ant to an ant hill.

Ants can only stay on ant hills for 5 seconds.

The winning ant team is the team with the most ants left alive at the end of the time period.

For a more difficult game, add more yellow jackets or less ant hills.
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