Balloon Relay Game for Cub Scouts

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This Game is meant for Cub Scouts.
6 balloons for each team.
Different color balloons for each team makes it easier.
2 large garbage bags for each team.
2 sheets of paper and a marker for each team.
This game differs from some other balloon games in that the scouts do not have to blow up and tie the balloons. Thus, it is suitable for younger scouts too.
Blow up the 6 balloons per team and put three in each garbage bag.
Give each team their two garbage bags.
Have each team number off.
Have the even numbers of each team go to one side of the play area and the odd numbers go to the opposite side. Each group takes a garbage bag of balloons and sheet of paper with them.
Give the marker to the first person of each team on the odd-numbered side of the play area.

At the whistle, one scout from each team on the odd side starts tapping their balloon to the even side. When they get there, they have to tap their balloon into the garbage bag being held open by another player. Once the balloon is in the bag, the scout makes a mark on the sheet of paper with the marker and then hands the marker to the next player. That scout gets the balloon out, and taps a balloon to the odd side of the room to get his balloon into the garbage bag on that side.

If a balloon pops, the player must go back to their bag to get another balloon and start tapping all over again. No carrying of balloons. It is fine for a balloon to hit the floor, and or be kicked. The scout just canít take a step while holding the balloon.

When a 2 minute time limit is reached, stop and count the marks on the sheets of paper. The team with the most balloons wins that round.

(Variations, scouts can only kick the balloon, or use their hands, or use a ruler to tap the balloon)
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