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This Sunday, a scout that I've known since Tigers will be having his Eagle ceremony. Even though I'm not the scoutmaster any longer, he called and asked if I'd say something at his ceremony. I said, "Sure, what would you like me to say?" :-)

Being fairly literal, he said I could mention how he cut himself three years in a row. That's a running joke between the two of us - three years at summer camp he cut his hand or finger with his pocketknife. I've used him as an example in my wilderness first aid courses and when presenting first aid merit badge.

But, he's not unique in his ability to get injured. With 70 scouts in the troop, we've been fortunate to have no serious injuries, but tons and tons of nicks, scrapes, cuts and small wounds that are great for scouts to practice first aid. I bet you have your share of stories from your scouts, too.

Bandaids get sweaty, dirty, soggy, and just plain gross, especially at camp. Besides that, they really get in the way when doing woodwork, cooking, or knot tying.

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