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My Walking Stick
boy scout walking stick
When it comes to hiking sticks, it seems there's three ways of thinking:

If you get out hiking much, I'm sure you've noticed most people now have hiking sticks or poles, especially on mountainous trails. The extra support, stability, and distribution of effort can make an arduous hike more enjoyable and safe.

Poles are more appropriate for long-distant treks, such as the Appalachian Trail, since they are very light and can compact for packing. But a wooden hiking stick has a lot more character and feeling.

I've used a hiking stick often and just received a new Brazos Sassafras walking stick last week. It's beautiful wood, sturdy, and comfortable - a great stick for long walks. Brazos sticks are manufactured in the USA in the Brazos River Valley of Texas. They make walking canes also and the hiking sticks make nice gifts for that hiker you know. They also offer a bamboo hiking stick which is very strong and lightweight.

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Posted: 8:12 09-27-2011 677
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 Sep 27, 2011 - Rick Lobrecht
My den gave me one of the Brazos walking sticks with all the boys names burned into it. I think mine is Hickory, but its very similar to your picture above.
Oct 05, 2011 - Kiff

I would just like to say that while a wodden staff looks the part, studies have showen that it can be detremental to walking as you dont evenly load you legs.
This is why the recomendation is to use two poles if you are carrying any load as it will enable you disperse the weight evenly and not over load one side of your body.

I would say I do like a wooden pole they just look more Outdoorsy (is that is even a word)

Yours in Scouting


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