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Webelos Parent Meeting Agenda

Webelos Parent Meeting Agenda

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Scouts are flexible, fun-loving, and ready to try new things - parents can be a different story. After 2 years of being comfortable with Wolf and Bear den meetings where their son made crafts, did most everything as a group, and followed the leader, there may be some struggles with adapting to the new Webelos program.
It is important to prepare parents, get them involved appropriately, and make sure they are aware of the goals of the next two years. This sample agenda can be used as the basis for a Parent's Meeting at the beginning of your adventure. You might as well organize this meeting like a typical den meeting.
Good Luck!

Webelos Parents Meeting

Gathering ActivityAs parents arrive, welcome them. Introduce yourself and everyone else that has already arrived (good exercise for you). Have a Game of Last Match going that they can join.
You might also want to have beverages available.
Opening CeremonyHand out Cub Scout Promise, Boy Scout Oath, Outdoor Code on paper.
Post Flag.
Recite Pledge of Allegiance.
Recite Cub Scout Promise.
Skills ActivityPresent these important points to the parents.
  • Program Goals: the 20 month Webelos program is meant to transition Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts.
    • Increased individual scout responsibility
    • Individual advancement
    • Use of patrols instead of dens
    • New uniforms
  • Program Methods: Changes from cub scouting include:
    • Activity Badges: 20 badges to earn, similar to Boy Scout merit badges. Earned individually, not all together as a den. Scouts can earn all or none of them.
    • Outdoor Activities: patrol hikes or outings every month. Try to offer an overnight campout every month, spring through fall. Many of the activity badges have to do with outdoors skills - Naturalist, Outdoorsman, Forester, ...
    • Patrols: Boy Scouts use patrols and "the patrol method". Webelos introduces the scouts to that with a patrol name, yell, and flag. And, the patrol does not follow the pack's monthly themes.
    • Change in Parent Involvement: Parents are requested to act as activity badge counselors. Each family should sign up for 2 badges to lead.
      Hand out your completed Webelos Schedule and have parents select badges they wish to lead.
    • Ranks and Awards: activity badges, webelos badge, belt loops, arrow of light, other awards
    • Uniform: when is the den going to tan shirts?, insignia placement
Game BreakSplit into 2 or 3 teams and play a Game of Build It.
Have a short reflection about who led, how it went, how these sorts of activities build teamwork, leadership, physical skills as well as social skills.
Skills Activity
  • Summer Camp: inform parents of when and where it is, and how important it is as an introduction to camping as a patrol.
  • Camping: discuss how camping is done for Webelos, let parents know you plan to offer an easy campout each month of the summer.
  • Knives: Whittling Chip is required to have knives. Knives are useful tools and scouts need to learn how to properly use them.
  • Other Items:
ClosingRecite Boy Scout Oath and Outdoor Code from handouts.
Retire the Flag.
SnackHave beverages and snack available.
Set aside 10-15 minutes for parents to converse and ask you questions.
Clean UpMention that the denner is responsible for clean up and that means asking the other scouts to help him, not do it all himself.


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