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Webelos Engineer Activity Badge Requirements

Webelos Engineer Activity Badge Requirements

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Badge Name: Engineer         Start Date: Jan. 1st         Completion Date: Jan. 31st
Den Meeting Location: Justin's home         Date/Time: 01/11 7:00pm
Den Outing Location: Staring Lake Park         Date/Time: 01/23 3:00pm
Fulfilling Badge Requirements:
#1: Activity: Two parents that are engineers present what they do on their job.
#2: Homework: Draw your house's floorplan.
#5: Activity: Discuss hydro, wind, geothermal, nuclear, coal, solar power generation. Discuss the national power grid. See Electric Power Systems article and Useful Graphics.
#6: Activity: Discuss the requirements for a complete circuit. Have scouts build a circuit. Using the Radio Shack Electronics Learning Lab works great and lets them explore more.
#7: Activity: Draw bridges and discuss their differences. Build a bridge. Use toothpicks, bits of play-doh, and string. Or, straws and clay. Or, wooden dowels, twine, and glue.
#8: Activity: With 4 pulleys and a rope, have scouts lift heavy loads. Before starting, hang 2 pullies from a tree limb or rafter with strong rope. Attach 2 pullies with rope to a thick wooden rod or 2x4 elevator that a scout can stand on and be lifted. Tie a bowline in the end of the rope and pass it through one pulley.
Have the lightest scout stand in the loop and hold on and see if the rest of the den can lift him.
Tie the rope to the rafter and pass it through a pulley on the elevator and a pulley on the rafter. Have the scouts lift again.
Pass the rope through the 2nd pulley on the elevator and rafter. Have the scouts lift again.
How many feet of rope are pulled to raise the elevator 2 feet?
Can a scout pull himself up using this elevator?
#9: Activity: Build catapults to shoot marbles or marshmallows. See Mousetrap Catapult Plans.

Homework do before Den Meeting:
  • Read Engineer section in Webelos handbook
  • Draw floorplan of your house and bring it to the den meeting.
  • Draw pictures of three types of bridges and bring them to the den meeting.

Den Meeting Agenda:
TimeActivity, Game, Presentation, Skill, ...
6:50Gathering: Engineer Worksheets - have some printed out
7:00Opening Ceremony - Flag-in, Pledge of Allegiance
7:05Share floorplans.
7:15Presentaion by guest engineers - 5 minutes each.
7:25Discuss how electricity is made and brought to our homes.
7:35Break into 3 groups for Circuits, Bridges, and Catapults.
7:50Rotate groups.
8:05Rotate groups.
8:20Closing Ceremony - Outdoor Pledge, Flag-out
8:25Snacks and Clean-up

Homework do after Den Meeting:
  • Keep your eyes open for different kinds of bridges and places where pulleys are used.

Den Outing Agenda:
TimeActivity, Game, Presentation, Skill, ...
3:00Meet at park. Spend 5 minutes finding examples of bridges, electric circuits, pulley systems, and other engineering projects.
3:10Go on a short hike, practicing the Arrow of Light requirements.
3:30Snack break - hot chocolate, graham crackers.
3:40Play on the park equipment. Sign off completed Arrow of Light requirements.
4:15Head home

Which activities need to be scheduled? _________________________________
Other materials needed: ropes and pulleys, bridge materials, catapult materials
Snacks: graham crackers, hot chocolate

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