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The BSA Veteran award recognizes individual members for tenure in Scouting. The recognition item is a lapel pin denoting the numbe of years of service. This pin is worn only on civilian clothing and not on the scout uniform.

The veteran award is an adult recognition only. However, tenure earned as a youth may be included in the total number of years registered.

Pins can be purchased at the local scout shop after confirmation is received from national records. Currently, 5-year to 90-year pins are available on

After five years of registered service in the Boy Scouts of America, an adult may, upon application, receive the designation of "Veteran," provided the person agrees to live up to the Scouting obligations; to keep local Scouting authorities in the community in which residing informed as to availability for service; and further, to be as active in the promotion of the cause of Scouting as circumstances and conditions permit. Service in Scouting organizations other than the Boy Scouts of America does not count toward veteran recognition.
An individual must currently be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America in order to receive an award.
An adult designated veteran pays the regular registration fee if desiring to continue to retain active connection with the movement.
Scouters desiring recognition as veterans must have maintained an active registered relationship for the required number of years, paying the annual registration fee.
The records of the national office and local council shall determine eligibility.
The periods of service claimed for veteran recognition need not be continuous.

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 Nov 19, 2013 - Deb Z.
Regarding the Veteran Award, I thought I heard that it was a volunteer recognition.  I am confused by this line from the article above: "An individual must currently be a PAID registered member of the Boy Scouts of America in order to receive an award."

So, as a volunteer, am I ineligible for this award?
Nov 19, 2013 - Yukon Jack
@ Deb. You are eligible and it is a volunteer recognition. "Paid registered member" doesn't mean that you get paid, it means you paid your $15 (raises to $24 in 2014) annual fee for membership.

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