Cub Scout Monthly Themes

2012 Scouting Themes

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The Cub Scout monthly Core Value theme is followed by three optional Supplemental Pack Meeting plans. These are based on a 12-month rotation.
The Webelos Badges are on a 12-month rotation.   The Boy Scout themes are on a 36-month rotation.
MonthCub Scout ThemeWebelos BadgeBoy Scout Theme
JanuaryPositive Attitude  /  Abracadabra, Lights Camera Action, Yes I Can
Fitness, ReadymanHobbies
FebruaryResourcefulness  /  Turn Back the Clock, Invention Convention, Litter to Glitter
Scholar, Engineer Public Service
MarchCompassion  /  Seeds of Kindness, Be Aware and Care, Pet Pals
Athlete, EngineerCultural Diversity
AprilFaith  /  Give Thanks, Family Tree, Soaring Skies
SportsmanFamily MemberWildlife Management
MayHealth & Fitness  /  Cub Cafe, Destination Parks, Backyard Fun
Outdoorsman, HandymanCamping
JunePerseverance  /  Head West, Young Man, Over Horizon, Go for Gold
Traveler, ArtistEmergency Preparedness
JulyCourage  /  Cubs in Shining Armor, Space, Under Sea
Aquanaut, GeologistHealth Care
AugustHonesty  /  Kids Against Crime, Heroes in History, Play Ball
Naturalist, ForesterBoating/Canoeing
SeptemberCooperation  /  Hometown Heroes, Amazing Games, Under Big Top
Communicator, CitizenSafety
OctoberResponsibility  /  Jungle of Fun, Down on Farm, Dollars and Sense
Showman, CitizenNature
NovemberCitizenship  /  Fifty Great States, Vote Counts, Give Goodwill
Craftsman, ScientistBusiness
DecemberRespect  /  Holiday Lights, Stars and Stripes, Passport to Other Lands
Craftsman, ScientistFirst Aid

 Jun 19, 2012 - lynn Koutras
Hi! I was wondering why the cub scout theme for the next 3 years are the same?
Jun 19, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Lynn - The BSA has gone to a cycle of themes for Cub Scouts that rotate each year like the Webelos and Boy Scouts.

Jun 21, 2012 - Mary W.
I'm new to Cubscouts and trying to plan our new school year coming up. Do I have to follow the 2012-2013 themes or can I chose from another year and/or just switch them around? Thanks!
Jun 21, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Mary - You can make any schedule you'd like.  The themes are just aids in case you want to use them.
Jul 07, 2012 - Jessica L.
This site is fantastic! As I scroll and click I'm finding more and more useful information. Great Job!
Aug 20, 2012 - Raquel Lopez
Upon review it looks like the monthly theme information is for the adults. Are there requirements that the cubs can do to earn the patch?
Aug 20, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Raquel - there is no monthly patch for Cub Scouts to earn.  You can go to and purchase whatever Cub Scout monthly theme emblems you'd like, but there are no set requirements for earning them.
Sep 02, 2012 - Whitney Ferguson
Will the 2013 cub scout extra idea be the same? I know the themes are the same...honesty, respect, etc.
Will "they" be coming out with new ideas like cub cafe, jungle of fun, etc?
Sep 03, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Whitney - I believe the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide is the expected resource for den leaders and no individual ideas will be created.
Sep 04, 2012 - Kim
Whitney another great website for ideas is Baloo's Bugle. I live here and there getting information all of the time.
Oct 17, 2012 - Kristy
The Core Values are the same for each month, but the themes should change every year.  I'm looking for the themes for the 2012-2013 year.
Oct 17, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Kristy - The core value themes are listed as well as the supplemental pack meeting themes.  See for more resources.

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