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JanuaryPoles ApartFitness, ReadymanWinter Camping

Learn about the North and South Poles this month. Imagine life in a place where there is cold and ice 365 days a year! Learn about the brave explorers who traveled to the ends of our earth. Practice with a compass and map; give directions to your home and school. Experiment with magnets and polarity. Discover the plants and animals that make the icy poles of the Artic and Antarctic their home –including everyone’s flightless bird, the penguin!
Earn the Map & Compass belt loop and pin.
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FebruaryAloha Cub Scouting Scholar, Engineer Citizenship

Let’s take a trip to our 50th state this month! Cub Scouts will learn about the culture, customs, language, food, and games of Hawaii. Did you know that the first Hawaiians came to our islands over 1500 years ago? That surfing was invented here? That Hawaii was a separate country with its own kings and queens until 1893? Learn to say hello, thank you and the Cub Scout Promise in the native Hawaiian language. Try a Hawaiian treat like "shave ice" for a den snack. Make a flower lei to give to a family member. Play a Hawaiian game like Koname (Hawaiian checkers) or ulumaika (a game similar to lawn bowling). How about a luau theme for your pack meeting or Blue & Gold banquet.
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MarchBaloo Skies Athlete, EngineerPhysical Fitness

This month Cub Scouts will learn how weather impacts their daily lives. Visit a local weather station and find out what meteorologists are doing to make better weather predictions or watch the weather on radar via the Internet or on TV. Learn about temperature, barometric pressure, and what makes clouds and rain. Make a rain gauge. See how the wind affects the land and oceans. Build and fly a kite with your den or pack. Build a tornado in a bottle. Learn what birds do to "weather" the storms. Invite a science teacher, weather forecaster or meteorologist to come to your pack meeting. Earn the Weather Academic belt loop and pin.
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AprilCub Cafe Sportsman, Family MemberForestry

This month our Cub Scouts can experience the varied tasks associated with running a café. From planning a budget and menu, to food selection and preparation, to consumption. Cub Scouts can do it all. Visit a supermarket and learn about where food comes from as well as the benefits of comparison-shopping. Learn about table etiquette for both the waiter and consumer. Make a pack meeting a "Food Fair" where each den runs their own "Cub Café" and everyone enjoys a taste.
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MayCubs & Bugs Galore Outdoorsman, HandymanLeadership

This month explore creepy crawly critters and discover the giant world of insects. Take a walk or hike and see how many insects – or their signs – you can spot. Learn the stages of an insect’s life and how some insects change inside a cocoon or chrysalis. Make a model of an insect home or build an ant farm. How does an insect survive the winter? Learn to treat bug bites and stings. Visit a beekeeper and taste fresh honey. Talk to a farmer, county extension agent or school biologist about the harmful and helpful things that insects do.
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JuneWheel Into Summer Traveler, ArtistSpecial Cooking

Wheels help us have a "wheely" good time. Our bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and scooters are fun provided we use them correctly. Learn about how bikes are used in other countries and in various types of competitions. How about having a pack "Wheel Fun Party" where you can demonstrate your skills and learn safety rules while having lots of fun? Remember to wear the correct protective gear such as helmets and pads. Conduct a Cubmobile race. Adult family members can be judges and help with a cookout or picnic. Don't forget to look into electives that could be completed during the meeting as well earning the Bicycling and Roller Skating belt loops and pins.
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JulyRockets Red Glare Aquanaut, GeologistBackpacking

Learn to sing "The Star Spangled Banner." Find out how and why Francis Scott Key wrote our national anthem. Conduct a space derby at the pack meeting. Make water rockets and have fun getting everyone wet. Take the pack to see the local fireworks on the Fourth of July. Build a model of the kind of rocket that took people or a satellite into space. Earn the Citizenship loop and pin.
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AugustA Century of Scouting Naturalist, ForesterAquatics

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Scouting! Learn about Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement. Take an imaginary trip to the very first Scout camp on Brownsea Island. Learn how Scouting came to the US and about the beginnings of Cub Scouting here. What famous Americans "present and past" were in Scouting? Find people in your town or family who were Scouts and make a pack scrapbook of their memories. Learn how Scouts in other parts of the world are celebrating the 100th anniversary. Make a time capsule for the Cub Scouts in your town to open on Scouting's 200th birthday.
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SeptemberCub Scout Express Communicator, CitizenFishing

All Aboard the Cub Scout Express. Invite a buddy to join you in your journey through Cub Scouts, riding the rails to adventure. Activities can include a trip to a train or rail museum, visit a local train station or invite a model railroader to your pack meeting. Look up the history of trains at the library or on the Internet. Read about the different train cars and engines that are used by railroads. Use a large cardboard facade of a train for an induction ceremony for new families or presentation of awards. Play train relay games with your den or pack.
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OctoberDown on the Farm Showman, CitizenAthletics

It's harvest time in farming country. Cub Scouts learn about growing crops this month while they explore the life of a hard-working farmer. Dens might visit a farm, local dairy, or petting zoo to learn first-hand about farm animals. Boys can build a miniature greenhouse to start their own vegetables for planting in the family garden or patio pots. Dens could take a field trip to a pumpkin patch and pick their own pumpkin for the pumpkin decorating contest at the pack meeting harvest fair. Fair activities might include contest booths, a rubber-glove cow for milking, and a good old fashioned hayride.
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NovemberIndian Nations Craftsman, ScientistScience

Do you know who lived where you live 500 years ago? Dens will learn about the American Indian tribe currently living in their part of the country or the tribes that previously lived in their area. You are encouraged to invite a local tribe to help learn how Native Americans show their respect for Mother Earth and how "we are all related." The boys will learn about the harvesting and preparation of native foods and discover how good these foods taste. Develop an understanding of the importance of traditional oral history as a way of teaching lessons and recording history. Work on your Communicating belt loop and pin. Experience playing a Native game and learn the meaning and history behind the skills required to play the game. Share your new knowledge at a pack meeting or special event.
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DecemberCelebrations Around the World Craftsman, ScientistCooking

December is marked by days of celebration and observance for many cultures and faiths around the world. Christmas, Chanukah, Ramadan, Rohatsu, Yule and Kwanzaa all occur this month. Find out how the celebrations in another country are similar and different than those in the USA. Compare your own family's customs and traditions with others in your community. Invite an adult from another nation to come to your pack meeting to tell how their family celebrates. Why not start a new tradition of service in your pack as a way to honor the holidays this month?
Work on the Heritages belt loop and pin.
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