Poor Conductor Skit for Boy Scouts

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Poor Conductor   Poor Conductor Skit   Scout Skit

This Skit is meant for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
5 to 8 scouts
2 scouts are train passengers, 1 scout is the conductor, 2 scouts are police.  
1 scout is judge and 1 scout is executioner.
(conductor enters train car and approaches passengers)
conductor: Tickets, please.
(passengers hand him their tickets and he punches them. He then draws out a gun and points it at the passengers.)
conductor: OK, now give me all your money!
passenger #1: What's this? Why should we give you our money?
conductor: I'm a Poor Conductor and I need your money.
passenger #1: No!
(conductor shoots them and takes their money. Just then, two police run up and grab him and haul him away to the judge)
Judge: What are the charges against this man?
Police #1: He killed two train passengers and stole their money.
conductor: But, judge I'm just a Poor Conductor. I needed their money.
Judge: What!?! That's no excuse. You will be executed immediately. Take him away.
(police escort him to the executioner with the judge following and strap him in a chair)
conductor: No, don't kill me. I'm just a Poor Conductor and I needed their money.
(Judge points at the executioner who throws the switch. Conductor twitches and jerks like he's being electrocuted but does not die.)
Judge: What went wrong? Why isn't he dead?
Executioner: I don't understand. That was enough electricity to kill a bull elephant!
conductor: I TOLD YOU - I'm a POOR CONDUCTOR!
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 Mar 31, 2015 - Marsha Glassburn
a lot of your skits are not allowed at Boy scout camps, because of violence., Guns, shooting, death racism (Indian)
Mar 31, 2015 - Scouter Paul
@Marsha - Each pack, troop, crew, and camp need to decide what is within their boundaries.  The resources are here for them to use if they'd like to.
Violence, guns, shooting, and death are all around us, from the news to Disney movies.  Prohibiting scouts from mentioning those topics seems overly restrictive to me, but is up to the unit or camp adults.
Merriam-Webster has a definition of racism which I don't feel exists in these resources.

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