Poor Conductor Skit for Boy Scouts

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Poor Conductor   Poor Conductor Skit   Scout Skit

This Skit is meant for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
5 to 8 scouts
2 scouts are train passengers, 1 scout is the conductor, 2 scouts are police.  
1 scout is judge and 1 scout is executioner.
(conductor enters train car and approaches passengers)
conductor: Tickets, please.
(passengers hand him their tickets and he punches them. He then draws out a gun and points it at the passengers.)
conductor: OK, now give me all your money!
passenger #1: What's this? Why should we give you our money?
conductor: I'm a Poor Conductor and I need your money.
passenger #1: No!
(conductor shoots them and takes their money. Just then, two police run up and grab him and haul him away to the judge)
Judge: What are the charges against this man?
Police #1: He killed two train passengers and stole their money.
conductor: But, judge I'm just a Poor Conductor. I needed their money.
Judge: What!?! That's no excuse. You will be executed immediately. Take him away.
(police escort him to the executioner with the judge following and strap him in a chair)
conductor: No, don't kill me. I'm just a Poor Conductor and I needed their money.
(Judge points at the executioner who throws the switch. Conductor twitches and jerks like he's being electrocuted but does not die.)
Judge: What went wrong? Why isn't he dead?
Executioner: I don't understand. That was enough electricity to kill a bull elephant!
conductor: I TOLD YOU - I'm a POOR CONDUCTOR!
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