Second Class Rank Ceremony for 2nd Class scouts

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Second Class Rank   Second Class Rank Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for 2nd Class scouts.
Leader: Would the following Tenderfoot scouts and their parents please come forward. (read names of scouts)

Leader: When the Indian boy prepared for manhood, he was required to go through a stern ordeal testing his worthiness and his fitness for a place among the braves of the tribe. If he passed through the ordeal successfully, he appeared before the chief at the council fire to receive the eagle feather as a sign of his bravery. As the chief placed in his hands the weapons of his rank, he pledged the new brave to an oath Ė he bound him in honor never to use his weapons in any way that would bring discredit to his tribe or himself.

Just at the Indian youth went through his ordeal to prove himself, so you have gone through your Second Class rank requirements to prove yourself as a Scout who can take care of himself in the outdoors. Just as the Indian youth pledged himself to his tribe, so should you pledge yourself to Scouting and maintain the Scout Oath and Law. In your growth toward becoming a Second Class Scout, do you feel that the Scout Oath and Law have become more meaningful to you personally?

Scout: I do.

Leader: Then retake the Scout Law. As you speak the words, reflect on the 12 points of the Scout Law that will act as a foundation for later life. Troop attention! Scout Sign. Repeat the Scout Law.

Scout: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Leader: Two! Troop, be seated.

Leader: Once before, you stood before this court and became a Tenderfoot Scout. Time has passed since then. You have used that time well in pursuing Scout activities and knowledge. You are now qualified to assume the title and duties of the Second Class Scout. This rank of Second Class represents to you the opportunities for service to others, as the weapons did to the Indian youth. We place no weapons in your hands, but the honor of all Scouting rests as surely on your shoulders.

Leader: It is a tradition in Troop ____ to pin the Second Class rank badge upside down. The badge can be turned right side up after the scout has done a good deed. We also realize that this achievement could not have happened without the support of your family, _____(scout)______ pin this Second Class rank pin to your mother or father. (Wait) Parents, pin the Second Class rank badge upside down on your sonís left pocket. (Wait)

Leader: Scouts, form an arc around the Second Class candle. As a group, light the candle and put it back into the holder.

Leader: I now present our newest Second Class Scouts! (Applause)
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