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Follow the Light   Follow the Light Activity   Scout Activity

This Activity is meant for Boy Scouts.
flashlight for each scout.
optional flag.
Emphasize that everyone needs to have a buddy.
All scouts gather at an open spot. There should be at least two flashlights on and easily visible from the surrounding country.
Two scouts (as a buddy team) are given a small flag and sent out into the night with their flashlights turned off so they are more difficult to see.
The two scouts go as far away from the rest of the group as they can in the alloted time but they must still be able to see the lit flashlights.

After 4 or 5 minutes, the leader blows a whistle to signal to the hiding scouts to show themselves. The two scouts should light their flashlights and wave them around for at least 5 seconds while all the other scouts try to see them.

As soon as the two scouts turn off their flashlights, they should get comfortably seated or stand and wait silently until they are found.
Each of the other scouts makes his way as quickly as he can to where he believes the two scouts are located. The first two scouts to reach them get their flag. The two found scouts turn on their flashlights and wave them to signal that they have been found and they are now at the new gathering point. Meanwhile, the two scouts that found them head off in some direction to set up a new hiding spot. Once everyone has reached the new starting point, the whistle signals a new round.

This can continue as long as interest and time allow.

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