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This Activity is meant for Boy Scouts.
2 bells or buzzers
Flipchart with one list written on each page
This is a great review of basic scout information.
Use any common "Top 10" lists for this activity, such as:
Write each list on a separate sheet of flipchart paper in the order listed in the Scout Handbook. If no exact list exists, make a list and go with it.

Patrol Leader or first person on each team comes to table where two bells and game leader are waiting.
Leader reads statement - "Name one of the 10 Hiking Essentials."
The first to ring their bell gets to answer.
The position of their answer on the list is revealed.
If it is not #1, then the other person gets to try and guess a higher answer.
The team with the highest guess gets control.

Each teammate in turn guesses until either all items are guessed or they get 3 strikes.
If they get 3 strikes, the other team gets to collaborate and have one guess to win the round.

Repeat the game as many rounds as you have interest, time, and lists.

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