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Wilderness Survival Gear

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Personal Survival Kit
Sample Contents

Wilderness survival kits contain different items than an Emergency survival kit for the home. Items you choose to include in your kit may also need to reflect the area and time of year of your adventure.

A personal survival kit is intended to be kept on your person at all times while in the wild and opened only in emergency. In addition to the kit, you should also always have your essential tools listed below.

None of this does any good unless you have a plan and knowledge on how to use it. For example, if you don't know how to fish, the tiny fishing kit is just extra weight.
Personal Survival Kit
Weight = 10 oz.
1Two Piece Aluminum Container, 3 7/16' x 6' x 1 1/16'
1Signal Mirror
1Spark-Lite Firestarter Flint
10Spark-Lite 'Fire Tab' Tinders
10Windproof/Waterproof Matches and Striker
1Wire Blade Survival Saw
1Fishing Kit: 10 hooks, 2 swivels, 4 split shot, 25ft. of 20lb. line, 10 ft. of 8lb. leader
25 ftnylon dental floss
3 oz.SPF30 sunblock
Medical Supplies (in zip-log baggie, replace expired items as needed)
4Bandaids, 1 x 3 in.
2Bandaids, 2 in.
2Antibiotic Salve
6Wound Closure Strips, 1/4' x 2' (butterfly bandage)
2Povidone Iodine Solution, .6 ml ampule/swabs
6Pain killer pills
50Water purification tablets (Potable-Aqua)
21 qt. plastic zip-loc bag
20 ftNylon Cord
9 ftElectrical Tape (wrapped around kit to seal it)
2Large Sewing Needles
10 ftSewing Thread
1Plastic magnifying Glass (plastic)
8Safety Pins
8 sq. ftAluminum Foil
1Small Pencil
4waterproof paper (Rite In The Rain)
1First Aid cards (Lee Nading)

Mini Survival Kit
Weight = 6oz.
1Tin container (Altoids)
1Polished aluminum tape applied to interior of lid, protected by peel-away sheet.
1Spark-Lite Fire Starter (See It)
4Windproof/Waterproof Matches and Striker
1Fishing Kit: 6 hooks, 2 swivels, 4 split shot, 25ft. of 20lb. line, 10 ft. of 8lb. leader
20 ftnylon dental floss
1Wire Survival Saw
2Bandaids, 1 x 3 in.
2Bandaids, 2 in.
6Pain killer pills
6Antibiotic cream
25Water purification tablets (Potable-Aqua)
9 ftNylon Cord (wrapped around kit)
3 ftElectrical Tape (wrapped around kit to seal it)
16 inDuct Tape
10 ftSewing Thread
2Sewing Needles
6Safety Pins
5 sq. ftAluminum Foil
1Small Pencil
2waterproof paper (Rite In The Rain)

Essential Personal Equipment
Knife Sharpener
Signal Mirror

See Equipped To Survive for more survival kit information.

 Jan 29, 2014 - janpw
i am a scout and i always wanted to have a survival kit incase something bad hapens, and now i know what to put in it, thanks!
Sep 29, 2014 - Logan Smith
I've looked at other list and ideas this is the most complete list I have seen. I am a star scout and took wilderness survival and it helped me out alot,

      Logan Snmith
Jan 15, 2015 - Theresa Fowler
My 3 boys are going on a campout this coming weekend to earn their Wilderness Survival MB.  We all agree this is best "list" they have found to use for their gear. Thank you!!!!

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