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This Story has scary parts and is meant for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
The scout troop arrived at the campground just before sunset. As the scoutmaster checked in, the scouts got out and stretched after the hours of driving. They were ready to relax, get some sleep, and then start backpacking the next day. This was their first big trip to the mountains.

When the scoutmaster got back and they went to their campsite, before everyone could start setting up camp, the scoutmaster made an announcement.

"The lady at checkin said some kid got lost here 2 years ago while his family was staying at the campground. There's been no sign of him at all. He was 12, wore glasses, had brown hair. If you happen to find any clues while you're out exploring like clothing, toys, knife, anything at all, come and get me right away, ok?
Also, remember we always, I mean always, have a buddy, right? Ok, let's get set up."

Well, of course, there's nothing like the chance of finding some clues about a missing person, or maybe even a body, to get boys excited so set-up took about 10 minutes. The younger scouts got permission to go on a hike while the older ones built a campfire.

Jeremy had just barely turned 13 and had just made First Class so he could go on the backpacking trip, and he was sure they'd find something awesome. He was the first running down the trail, looking high and low for a scrap of shirt, dropped candy wrapper, anything at all.

After a time of exploring the woods, throwing some rocks in the creek, and fighting with sticks, most of the scouts wandered back to the campsite in twos and threes. All but Jeremy. Jeremy wanted to keep looking for clues because he was sure the missing boy was around someplace. But his buddy finally said "Come On, I'm done!" and they went back to camp. Jeremy was very disappointed.

After dinner and a short campfire, everyone was exhausted and ready for bed even though it was still early. Everyone that is, except Jeremy. He got his flashlight and headed to the bathroom. But, where he was really headed was back to where they had stopped looking. He just felt they were so close to finding something.

Searching with his flashlight along the edges of the trail, Jeremy suddenly heard "Hey, whatcha doin'?" Jeremy spun around and shone his light at a boy, about his own age, with glasses, a mess of brown hair, and a big smile.

"Oh, uh, hi. I'm just looking around. Are you camping here?" replied Jeremy.

Without answering, the boy said, "Hey, you wanna see something really cool?"

Jeremy said, "sure, what is it?"

"A body! I found it all by myself."

"No way! Is it that kid that got lost?", asked Jeremy.

"Yep, he's over this way, come on."

So, Jeremy followed the boy into the woods until the reached a rock face.

"He's in there", said the boy, pointing to a small cave opening. "Come on, he crawled in and never came out."

The cave was small. Jeremy and the boy had to crawl in and spider webs stuck to their hair and face. They finally reached a spot that opened up so the two boys could stand. In the center of the room was a hole.

"Over here", said the boy. "The body's in the hole. He fell in and couldn't get out."

Jeremy crept to the edge of the hole and shone his light in. 15 feet down, he saw the body, withered and dry. "Wow, I wonder why he came in here?"

"I know why", said the boy as he moved closer to Jeremy.
"He was out exploring in the woods and he met another boy. That boy showed him the cave and when they stood by this hole, he PUSHED HIM IN!" - and just then the boy shoved Jeremy who fell into the hole with a scream.

"You see, the boy's ghost was trapped here until he could find someone else to replace him. Now that you've taken my place, I can finally rest."
As the boy and the body in the hole began to fade away, he said, "I'm sorry. But, once you die, I know you'll find someone to take your place too."
And he faded away, leaving Jeremy screaming and crying, alone, in the dark.
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 Jul 03, 2014 - Ernest Wymer
I feel that it could be a true learning experience for any scout never go out after dark let along alone.

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