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Webelos Forester Activity Badge Requirements

Webelos Forester Activity Badge Requirements

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Badge Name: Forester         Start Date: Sept. 1st         Completion Date: Sept. 30th
Den Meeting Location: Josh's house         Date/Time: 9/12 - 7:00pm
Den Outing Location: Richardson Nature Center         Date/Time: 9/28 - 2:00pm
Fulfilling Badge Requirements:
#1: Activity: Map different forest types across country and types of trees in each.
#2: Nature Center Activity: Hike at nature center. Point out and discuss layers of a forest and draw a picture of it.
#3: Nature Center Activity: Identify 6 trees. Discuss how they are used by animals and humans.
#4: Nature Center Activity: Identify 6 non-tree plants. Discuss how animals use them.
#5: Nature Center Activity: Find a big tree in a moist area with good soil and a smaller tree in poor, dry soil. Find a tree growing underneath larger trees. Discuss how the minerals in soil, water, and sunlight help a tree grow. Draw a picture of it.
#6: Activity: Do growth ring worksheet
#8: Activity: We will take a trip in the spring to plant poplar trees on Mr. Johnson's property and camp overnight.
#9: Nature Center Activity: Discuss wildfire harm and prevention steps.

Homework do before Den Meeting:
  • Read Forester section in Webelos handbook
  • Come up with one question about wildfires you would like to ask an expert.

Den Meeting Agenda:
TimeActivity, Game, Presentation, Skill, ...
6:55Gathering: Lay a Stick North/South - as close as you can guess. When everyone has arrived, check the sticks to see who is closest.
7:05Opening Ceremony - Review the Outdoor Code. Introduce Boy Scout Oath.
7:10Forests of USA Make map of forests and tree types.
7:25Play Dark Walkers - Indian game. Discuss how people veer to the right and how that effects people lost in the woods.
7:35Present Tree Identification Gather 4 or 5 different leafs from our yard. Figure out what types of leafs they are, using Tree ID booklet. Make placemats of leaves with labels in laminator.
8:05Do Tree Life Calendar Worksheet. Have a round of wood for each scout to count the rings or a piece of 2x4 with a good grain cross-cut on the end.
Do Diary of a Tree worksheet for those that finish first.
8:20Closing Ceremony - Review the Scout Oath.
8:25Snack and Clean-up

Homework do after Den Meeting:
  • Practice Scout Oath
  • Watch for falling leaves over the next 2 months. Which trees lose their leaves first?

Den Outing Agenda:
2:00Meet at Richardson Nature Center.
2:05Forest Fire Dangers and real stories from a retired Forest Service firefighter.
2:45Hike and identify trees, plants, animals, bugs.
3:55Snack and Clean-up
4:00Go home.

Which activities need to be scheduled? Let Nature Center know our group is coming.
Arrange firefighter to speak.
Print USA Maps for drawing in forests.
Get wood rounds or 2x4s for counting growth rings.

Forester Discussion Questions
Forester Worksheets
Webelos Badge Activity Ideas List - tons to choose from here!

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