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The Med and Sin   The Med and Sin Story   Scout Story

Also see The Medicrin story and The Medic Men story
In a far off land, there lived a courageous explorer and inventor named Sinbad - all his friends just called him Sin.
Sin always dreamed of being rich so he spent all his time inventing new ways to explore strange places in the hopes of finding treasure.
One day, he heard about a magical castle up in the clouds where there were rooms and rooms filled with gold and jewels. Of course, Sin wanted this.
So, after working for a month, he invented the Mechanical Elevating Device, also called the MED for short. The Med was much like a hot air baloon, but it was huge and it had 4 rooms hung underneath it. One room was where Sin piloted the Med, 1 room was for food storage for his adventure, and 2 rooms to hold all the riches he was sure to find.
After testing the Med and planning his trip, Sin waved goodbye to his friends and floated up, up, up into the sky, looking for clouds that were likely hiding places for a castle - preferably a castle filled with gold and jewels.
After searching for weeks, his food nearly gone, and the Med running low on hot air, Sin FINALLY spotted a castle up ahead! But, besides the castle, there was a small town complete with shoeshop, bakery, grocery store, and small houses. There was also a skydock where he could park his ship next to a couple of dirigibles and gliders.
When he landed (or clouded), Sin was warmly greeted by the mayor of the town and led up to the castle to meet the king. After a nice dinner and chocolate cream pie for dessert, the king gave him a tour of the castle. As you might suspect, there really were rooms full to the ceiling with gold and jewels. Also, since the castle was safe up in the clouds, there were no guards or watchdogs or alarms or locks. Sin was very happy indeed.
When the tour finished, Sin was shown to his room and prepared for bed. At about midnight, he snuck out of his room and found that everyone else was sound asleep. So, he found a horse with a wagon and filled it with treasure, drove it to the Med, and unloaded it. He repeated this all night until the 2 storage rooms in the Med were packed to the ceiling.
Satisfied with his plunder, Sin got in the Med to descend with his loot. But, since his food room was now empty, the Med was still too light to descend to safety.
Sin didn't have time to make another trip up to the castle and he knew the king would be waking up any minute. Looking around, the closest building was the bakery so he ran in to find heavy things to load on the Med.
He carried off a great wedding cake and threw it in the Med. Then, he took some devil's food cake, then some pound cake, then buckets of frosting and huge bags of sugar.
Just as he dumped the last box of sugar-frosted, cream-filled, chocolate-flavored donuts into the Med filling the room to the very rafters, the king came running out of the castle, yelling and hollering for help. The villagers came out of their houses and ran to help their king.
Sin jumped in the Med, untied it from the skydock and dropped from sight just as the king reached the dock, shaking his fist in anger at Sin.

Sin grabbed a powdered sugar donut to snack on while the Med brought himhome. Sin floated safely down to earth where be became the most wealthy man on earth and lived happily ever after.

Which just goes to show: A room full of sugar helps the Med and Sin go down.

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 Mar 04, 2015 - Lukie
I thought the story was really good.


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