How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Got in the Sky Story for Cub Scouts

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How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Got in the Sky   How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Got in the Sky Story   Scout Story

This Story is meant for Cub Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
This is an interactive audience story.
When the narrator says the Capitalized words and pauses, the audience does the actions.

CHIEF: Fold arms across chest and say "How"
SUN: Cover eyes with hands
MOON: Frame face with hands and smile
STARS: Wiggle fingers in the air

Long ago the People had no fire and no light. They suffered much during the cold winter and they had to eat food uncooked. They also had to live in darkness because there was no light.

There was no SUN, MOON, nor STARS in the sky. A great CHIEF kept them locked up in a box. He took great pride in the thought that he alone had light. This great CHIEF had a beautiful daughter of whom he was also proud. She was much beloved by all the People of the tribe.

In those days, the raven had the powers of magic. He was a great friend of the People and the CHIEF. He wondered how he might make life more comfortable for them.

One day he saw the daughter of the CHIEF come down to the brook for a drink. He had an idea. He would put a magic spell on her. In time, a son was born to the daughter of the CHIEF. The old CHIEF was delighted and as the boy grew, his grandfather became devoted to him. Anything he wanted he could have.

One day he asked the old CHIEF for the box containing the STARS. Reluctantly, the old CHIEF gave it to him. The child played for a while by rolling the box around. Then he released the STARS and flung them into the sky. The Indians were delighted. This was some light, though not quite enough.

Awhile later, the child asked for the box containing the MOON. Again the old CHIEF hesitated but finally the boy got what he wanted. Again, after playing awhile with the box, the boy released the MOON and flung it into the sky. The tribe members were overjoyed. But still there was not light enough, and the MOON disappeared for long periods.

Finally, the child asked for the box with the SUN. "No," said the old CHIEF. "I cannot give you that." But the boy wept and pleaded. The old CHIEF could not stand the tears, so he gave the box to him. As soon as he had a chance, the child released the SUN and cast it into the sky.

The joy of the People knew no bounds. Here was light enough and heat as well. They ordered a feast of the SUN and all the People celebrated it with great jubilation. And the old CHIEF was happy. He had not known the SUN, the MOON and the STARS could mean so much for the comfort and happiness of his people. And for the first time, he too, enjoyed himself.
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