Scoutmaster 1.0 Skit for Boy Scouts

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This Skit is meant for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
Boys Life
A can of SPAM wrapped in newspaper
Big Cardboard Cut-Out of an Hourglass (3ft tall)
Blue Towel
You Need 9 scouts:
One older scout to be the Scoutmaster 1.0, another older scout to be the "weird man", 7 others to be scouts - you can have some scouts play multiple run-in roles.
It's Long so you're going to have to practice it a bit.
Announcer: We have just created a new product for Boy Scouts, we call it 'The Scoutmaster 1.0'. A fully animatronic scoutmaster with a built-in computer system that can do everything a normal scoutmaster can do, but Better!
(walks off)
(scouts 1-3 come in carrying Scoutmaster 1.0
(Scoutmaster 1.0 pretends to be 'turned off' by having his head down and slumping forward)
Scout 1: It's here it's here! our new Scoutmaster!
Scout 2: Power it up!
(scout 1 pretends to push a button on Its chest)
(Scoutmaster 1.0 stands up straight and looks at the scouts)
Scoutmaster 1.0: Hello Scouts (everything he says is robotic sounding and monotone)
Scouts 1-3: Yes!
Scoutmaster 1.0: You've Got Mail!
Scouts 1-3: Cool!
(Scoutmaster 1.0 hands scout 1 the Boys Life, scout 2 the letter, and scout 3 the can of SPAM in the newspaper)
Scout 1: I got my Boys Life! Cool!
(walks off)
Scout 2: I got a letter from my mom!
(walks off)
(scout 3 rips off the newspaper)
Scout 3: (disappointedly) I got Spam!!!
(he shows the audience the can and walks off with his head down)
(Scouts 4-6 run up)
Scouts 4-6: Scoutmaster! Scoutmaster!
Scoutmaster 1.0: What's wrong scouts?
Scout 4: There's a man coming to our campsite!
Scout 5: Yeah, a weird man! What do we do?
Scout 6: Look here he comes! (he points)
(Scoutmaster 1.0 moves the scouts behind him)
Scoutmaster 1.0: Don't worry scouts, I'll handle this
(wierd man starts to walk in)
Weird Man: Hi there! I was wondering if i could borrow some firewoo-
(Scoumaster 1.0 charges toward him and pretends to punch weird man in the face, weird man falls down and stays there the rest of the skit)
Scouts 4-6: WOW!!
(scoutmaster 1.0 walks back towards the scouts)
Scoutmaster 1.0: You're safe now scouts! Now go have fun!
(scouts 4-6 run off)
(scout 7 runs in holding his arm)
Scout 7: Scoutmaster! Scoutmaster! Help me I cut my arm!
Scoutmaster 1.0: Is it Bleading?
Scout 7: Yes it is, now help me!
Scoutmaster 1.0: Let me think...
(Scoutmaster 1.0 picks up the Hourglass and turning it over and over for 15 or so seconds)
(scoutmaster 1.0 puts the Hourglass down)
Scoutmaster 1.0: Is it bleading badly?
Scout 7: Yes! Yes, it's bleading very badly now help me!
(scout 7 is now on the ground in pain)
Scoutmaster 1.0: Let me think...
(scoutmaster 1.0 picks up the Hourglass again and repeats what he did before)
(scoutmaster 1.0 puts the Hourglass down)
Scoutmaster 1.0: You need first aid! Now! Uploading First Aid Program.
(scouts 1-3 run back in)
Scouts 1-3: Help us!
Scoutmaster 1.0: What's wrong scouts?
Scout 1: Help! Jimmy fell out of the tree!
Scout 2: Drew's boat sank and he can't swim!
Scout 3: What do we do?
(scouts 1-3 continue to ask him 'Help us' and 'What do we do' over and over)
(Scoutmaster 1.0 goes back to the 'turned off' position)
Scouts 1-3: OH NO! What do we do!
Scout 2: I know! Let's re-boot him!
Scouts 1 and 3: Yeah!
(the three of them symutaneously kick Scoutmaster 1.0 in the butt)
(scoutmaster 1.0 returns to the 'turned on' position)
Scoutmaster 1.0: Hello Scouts!
Scouts 1-3: Yes! It worked!
Scoutmaster 1.0: Illegal shut down detected! Scanning for viruses...
Scouts 1-3: No!
Scout 1: What do we do now!
Scout 2: We need his Help!
Scoutmaster 1.0: ONE PERCENT
Scout 3: Come on now! This is taking forever!
Scout 2: Hey don't you know a thing about computers?
Scout 1: Yeah, but I don't know what to do here!
Scoutmaster 1.0: TWO PERCENT
Scout 2: How do we make him stop that so he can help us!
Scout 1: I don't know! Didn't you read the manual?
Scout 2: No I thought you did!
Scoumaster 1.0: THREE PERCENT
Scout 3: This isn't working!
Scout 1: Oh I remember! You push the F4 Key!
Scouts 2-3: Yeah!
(they all push scoutmaster 1.0's nose at the same time)
Scoutmaster 1.0: Hello scouts!
Scouts 1-3: Yes!
Scoutmaster 1.0: How cacacacaca can I I I I hehehe help yo yo (he says it like he is malfunctioning)
(scoutmaster 1.0 picks up the blue towel and puts it over himself covering his face)
(scouts 1-3 run out of the area)
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