Step Up and Follow Through Minute for Boy Scouts

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Step Up and Follow Through   Step Up and Follow Through Minute   Scout Minute

This Minute is meant for Boy Scouts.
a chair or a chair for everyone
I've found this to be a useful visual and physical reinforcement of the responsibility taken on when you say you will do a task. It works well when training leaders.
Often, we hear people asking someone to 'Step Up' to a challenge that needs to be done.
Stepping Up means that you have accepted the responsibility, not of Starting that job, but of Finishing it.

Before you stepped up, you were in a comfortable position, no stress, no effort being put out - kind of like just standing here. You could stand here for an hour easily. You aren't getting anywhere, but it's easy.

Once you 'Step Up' to a challenge, it is no longer comfortable. Others now expect you to perform. You have work to do and it may be difficult. It's like Stepping Up onto this chair.
(step one foot onto the chair seat, keeping only the toes of the other foot on the floor)
This is a difficult position. It isn't comfortable. I haven't accomplished anything and I can't stay here long. I have to do something.

So, I 'Follow Through' - I complete all the work required for the task and I do what I said I would do.
(stand with both feet on the chair)
Now, I'm comfortable again. I could stand here forever with no effort.

If I never Step Up to a challenge, then I never grow.
If I Step Up to a challenge, but do not Follow Through, nothing gets done and I let down everyone that counted on me.
When I Step Up and Follow Through, then I succeed, I grow, and others know they can count on me.

When you Step Up, remember to Follow Through!
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Follow Me, Boys

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