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This Minute is meant for Boy Scouts.
How old do you think the oldest person was to receive his Eagle Scout rank?

A boy joined the Cub Scouts in 1928. Over the next few years, he moved on to Boy Scouts and fulfilled all the requirements for his Eagle rank. But, then something called World War Two happened and he joined the Navy, putting his country's needs before his own.

When he returned from war, he put his family's needs before his own and raised his children.

As an old man, looking through his childhood objects, he located his Eagle Scout documents.

In the summer of 2007, he was finally awarded his Eagle Scout rank, at the age of 88 years.

Now, don't expect to receive your Eagle when you're 88 - you have to finish before you turn 18. But, this man had put Scout Spirit to work in his life - duty to his country and others before himself - so he was recognized for it.

He had earned Eagle as a young man. He hadn't received a medal or a certificate. He had taken the values and spirit of what it means to be an Eagle Scout to heart and lived it out. That is something we can all strive for, no matter our rank or age.
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 Dec 23, 2014 - David Drummond
I was a Cub Scout in the 1960's and became a Boy Scout during that same era. When I was 13 my Father passed away suddenly at 42. Without a Father figure in my life the Boy Scouts and their adults leaders became my Father. I went on to complete my required merit badges and completed my Eagle Project. On the night of the Court of Honor, I did not attend. For what reason I don't remember.
Always having a Boy Scout's heart and the tools I was taught in Scouts, I took those skills and became a Police Officer at the age of 21. 37 yrs. later I'm still in Law Enforcement.
Last year I was share my scouting experience with my friend while enjoying the outdoors.
With that information, my friend did research. In the archives my he found my records.
At the age of 57 I received my Eagle ribbon. I have a wall of Law Enforcement ribbons, awards and Proclamations from government. In the middle I have the greatest award, my Eagle ribbon.
I owe my life's success to Boy Scouts of America.
Thank you

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