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10 Reasons I'm a Scouter:
10. My basement was empty and needed remodeling anyway.
9. I get to wear a cool uniform with a neat hat.
8. I like the smell of calamine lotion.
7. I enjoy going to the bathroom in the woods.
6. I'm in it for the crafts.
5. I'm allergic to household chores.
4. I get to spend quality time with my son and 30 of his closest friends.
3. It's a great way to collect coffee mugs.
2. I needed a tax write off.
1. It only takes an hour each week.

10 Reasons Not to be an Eagle Scout:
10. Scout uniform is not a "babe magnet."
9. Outdoor latrines have no walls.
8. Miss the chance to see every facet of Murphy's law in action on a single campout.
7. Avoid flack from your friends for missing whatever goes on during the weekend of your campout.
6. Never get to sleep three guys in the same wet sleeping bag.
5. Miss the opportunity to spend two months of each summer in your teen years applying every antibiotic cream,
lotion and spray offered by the medical world on boils, infections, rashes and poison ivy.
4. Avoid continual advice about leadership from Scoutmasters.
3. You won't have to make a 7 a.m. campout departure the night after prom.
2. Have more time to run with your gang.
1. You'll be like the other 98 percent of Scouts!

10 Pick-up Lines for Scouts:
10. I was going on a hike and my compass led me straight to you.
9. The khaki in my shirt brings out the color in your eyes.
8. Baden Powell really was my uncle, honest.
7. It's true; this arrow is a sign for virility.
6. Let's go identify wild plants in the forest.
5. Can I practice giving you CPR?
4. Yes, in fact I do have the Rabbit Raising Merit Badge.
3. Come on, I'll give you a tour of my tent.
2. I know how to tie 27 different knots. Can I tie you...I mean show you?
1. This shirt really is made of polyester, go ahead, you can feel it if you want to.

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