Cub Scouts of America Webelos Rank Test

Webelos Rank Test

Webelos Rank Test

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Demonstrate your knowledge of the Webelos badge requirements by completing this test.
Click the small dot by the answer you choose.
When you finish, you can print your results or email them to your den leader for tracking your progress.
  1. Choose the correct Webelos Badge:

  2. What are the required parts of a Webelos uniform besides a shirt?


  3. Which of these Webelos uniform components are selected rather than earned?

  4. Which word is NOT in the Boy Scout Law?

  5. Which word IS in the Boy Scout Law?

  6. Which word is most like Loyal ?

  7. Which is the Boy Scout Motto?
    Be Prepared
    Do a Good Deed
    Stand Proud
    Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

  8. Which is the Boy Scout Slogan?
    Do Your Best
    United We Stand
    Do a Good Turn Daily
    Be Prepared

  9. How many fingers are pointing straight when you give the Boy Scout salute?
    1         2         3         4

  10. Choose the correct Boy Scout sign:


  11. Which best describes the Boy Scout handshake?
    Use left hand to slap hands high in the air
    Use right hand and shake twice
    Use left hand to shake firmly
    Use right hand with first two fingers extended straight to shake firmly

  12. When should you wear your Webelos Uniform?
    To church every week.
    To a Boy Scout Troop meeting visit.
    To play the role of a scout in a children's theatre production.
    To hand out fliers supporting your mayor's re-election.

  13. Which is a correct way to hang the U.S. Flag on a wall?

  14. What are 4 important words in the Outdoor Code?
    Clean, Correct, Confident, Courageous
    Conduct, Courage, Careful, Confidence
    Careful, Considerate, Colorful, Conservative
    Clean, Careful, Considerate, Conservation-minded

  15. What does the Webelos badge mean?
    It means We'll Be Loyal Scouts
    It means Webelos are better than Boy Scouts
    It means the Webelos trail leads boys from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts
    It means Webelos are the top scouts in Cub Scouting

  16. In which situation should you greet someone with the Boy Scout Handclasp?
    When you are in a Boy Scout uniform and you meet the mayor of your city
    When you are in a Boy Scout uniform and meet another boy scout in uniform
    When you are not in your Boy Scout uniform and you meet your new Scoutmaster
    When you are in your Boy Scout uniform and meet your favorite sports star

  17. What are the three main parts of the Scout Oath?
    Physical fitness, Mental fitness, Moral fitness
    Camping, Crafts, Confidence
    Honesty, Obedience, Bravery
    Duty to God and Country, Duty to Others, Duty to Self


 Nov 09, 2012 - Christian V. Burkett
Number six (6) Loyal should be truthful, but it marked it as incorrect. What is the correct answer then?
Thank you,
Christian V. Burkett
BSA Pack 99
Byram, Ms
Nov 09, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Truthful is like Trustworthy.
Loyal is something different.
Jun 24, 2014 - robert burns
what is that last symbol in question number 4  ?
Jun 24, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@robert - If you mean question #3, that is a patrol patch.

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