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This Award is meant for Cub Scouts.

The BSA Family Award program offers activities to help strengthen all families - whether two-parent, single-parent, or nontraditional. This program helps families accomplish worthy goals while building and strengthening relationships among family members. All family members are encouraged to participate and may earn the award.

Some packs, through a volunteer family program chair, actively encourage and support families pursuing this award. If your pack does not promote and support the family program, your family may still participate on its own. The BSA Family Activity Book (available at your local council service center) gives all the requirements as well as step-by-step instructions for earning the BSA Family Award.

BSA Family award

To earn the award, a family must complete 10 activities within a 12-month period. The family chooses one activity in two topics in each of the following categories:

When a family has completed the requirements, all family members are eligible to receive an award certificate, patches for uniform wear, and/or pins for non-uniform wear.
The patch is a temporary emblem to be displayed centered on the right pocket or on a patch vest.

The BSA Family Activity Book is the primary resource for the BSA Family Award program. It is filled with suggested activities to enhance the children's personal development and enrich and strengthen the family.

The BSA Family Activity Book is divided into five categories that include several topics of interest to families. Each topic contains suggested activities for a family to do together. These activities could include going on field trips; telling stories; doing arts and crafts projects; playing games; participating in family discussions; or making lists, charts, and scrapbooks.

cub scout family award

Most of the ideas in the BSA Family Activity Book will be useful during family meetings or gatherings. However, parents will also find ways to incorporate them into daily life. Many ideas may be adapted for use while riding in a car and during mealtimes, and may provide things to occupy children when they say there is "nothing to do." In short, parents may use the ideas and activities to meet their own family's needs and interests.

Included with most topics are recommended books for adults and children to read together. One can find these (or other books) at a local public library. Adults and children may take turns reading aloud. There are many wonderful books to help explain or illustrate any topic the family explores.

The BSA Family Activity Book is available at your local council service center or wherever Scouting merchandise is sold. Visit to find a list of Scouting retailers in your area.

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 Jan 04, 2013 - John
I have the book at home and am confused by one thing.  The five different categories each have their own patch (they look like the same design but are different colors for each category).  This is also true of the pins.  

Do Cub Scouts and their families earn each of the five patches, and then receive the certificate once all five patches are complete?
Jan 04, 2013 - Scouter Paul
John - That is the way I interpret what I've read.  And, for each additional two activities completed in a category, a pin for that category can be purchased and displayed.
Jan 10, 2013 - Faith
I came here to ask the roughly same question John did. Without being completely repetitious, to earn them all you would:

1. Complete 2 activities in each of the 5 areas, equaling 10 activities total. This will earn you the certificate and 5 patches.

2. Complete an additional 2 activities in each area to then get the corresponding pin for up to all 5 areas.

I have two copies of this book, one from 2004 and one from this year. They vary. The 2004 book features BSAŽ Family Emblem patch, which is none of the 5 'category' patches but a completely different one. I wasn't sure how that one was earned since you now have that plus the 5 category ones.

Thanks so much for all your info you've provided on here, it's been invaluable to us!
Apr 15, 2013 - Jess
Can this award be earned every year? Or just 1 time?
Apr 16, 2013 - Scouter Paul
Jess - Yes, your family can complete the requirements every year.  Someone needs to purchase the recognition items - checking with your Pack to find out who pays for the materials, patches, and pins beforehand would be a good idea.
Apr 30, 2013 - Diane
hhmmm, I have the newest printing of the book and it seems to read as if you do 2 in each of the 5 areas to get the certificate (10 total)- THEN after you do 2 more activities in ONE area you earn the patch - after 2 more in the SAME area gets you the pin - seem right??
May 01, 2013 - Scouter Paul
Diane - I don't believe you've interpreted it correctly.  I believe completion of the 10 activities makes participants eligible for the certificate and patches.  Then, additional activities allows participants to collect pins to display on the patches.
But, if your family chooses to do it your way, I don't think anyone will object.
May 10, 2013 - Faith
Just wanted to come back and state how it went when two of our scouts earned it. After 10 activities, they got each of the patches & a certificate. After 10 more, they got each of the pins (that was 4 completions in each of the 5 areas.) The parents were required to purchase everything but the certificate (in our pack anyways.) The patch at the top right was no longer 'awarded' (although our scout shop still had it in stock.) I assume that when with the old printing.

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