Webelos Aquanaut Ideas

Den Activities

Aquanaut Games

Aqua Hunt
Scatter diving rings all over the pool bottom. On signal, players put on masks, fins, and snorkels and begin search.   The one who retrieves the most rings wins.
Flapping Fins Race
On signal, players put on fins (no masks or snorkels) and race to the other side of the pool and back.
Table Waiter Race
Each swimmer carries a paper plate with a cork on it.   He starts in the water and goes toward the finish line with the plate held at shoulder level with one hand.   He may replace the cork if it falls off.
Guess the Rule On separate slips of paper, write the 8 Sae Swim Defense rules - See Guide to Safe Scout page.   Put the slips in a bag and ask the first scout to pick one.   He reads his directions silently and pantomimes the action.   The player who first guesses what he is doing becomes the next performer.
Nuts And Bolts
Materials: 1-inch diameter bolt and nut for each team. 4 foot string and balloon for each team. Also, a judge in the water for each team is helpful.
Blow up the balloon but not too full. Tie the balloon to one end of the string and the head of the bolt to the other. Thread the nut all the way onto the bolt. Toss the bolt for each team out into the water at about 3 feet deep and spaced well apart.
On GO signal, first scout from each team runs into the water if playing in a lake, or jumps in if in a swimming pool.
Scout goes to bolt, goes underwater to unthread the nut, and brings it up.
When the judge gives him the go-ahead signal, he goes back underwater and threads the nut all the way onto the bolt and brings it up.
When the judge gives him the go-ahead signal, he drops the bolt and tags the next scout.
Find The Number
About twenty large, flat rocks are plainly marked on both sides with numbers ranging from one to five.   Drop the rocks into water from two to six feet deep, depending on the swimming ability of your group.   On GO signal, everyone brings back as many numbered rocks as possible to his position on shore.   Only one rock may be carried at a time.
The player who collects the highest total when the numbers on his rocks are added up is the winner.
Alternative: Add a letter to one side of each rock when painting them. Have every scout retrieve 3 or 4 rocks. Then, randomly choose a letter from a bag and the scout with that letter wins a prize.
Life Preserver Throw
Throw a weight attached to a rope. Award points for distance and accuracy.
Pool Volleyball
Stretch a rope across the pool and play volleyball using a large beach ball.