Webelos Geologist Activity Badge Worksheets

Mineral Matching

  1. ___ metallic element resembling magnesium, used in making galvanized iron, alloys, and as an element in voltaic cells.
  2. ___ a ductile, malleable, silver-white metallic element - used for making machinery, tools
  3. ___ precious yellow metallic element, used in coins, decorations, etc.
  4. ___ metallic element, light, reddish-brown color used as an electrical conductor - manufacturer or alloys such as brass and bronze
  5. ___ steel gray, hard, light metallic element used in coppers - in springs
  6. ___ white, ductile metallic element used in coins, ornaments, table utensils
  7. ___ a heavy, malleable, bluish gray metal used in bullets
  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Zinc
  4. Iron
  5. Lead
  6. Copper
  7. Berrylium

Like a Rock

Use these words to fill in the blanks below:
volcanoes   mountains   geologist's hammer   magnifier   sedimentary rock   chisel   igneous rock   safety glasses   geysers   fossils   earthquake   metamorphic rock
  • ______________ Rock made by the cooling of magma; not layered; examples are granite and basalt.
  • ______________ Sediment that under great pressure becomes rock; it is layered; examples are sandstone, shale and conglomerate.
  • ______________ Baked rock or rock that has changed form; examples are marble and quartzite.
  • ______________ Used to pull rocks out of the hillside and for breaking them apart.
  • ______________ Used with a hammer to chip stone as well as for digging things loose.
  • ______________ These help protect eyes while digging and exploring.
  • ______________ This is a special type of glass that is used to make things appear larger so they can be examined more closely.
  • ______________ Holes in the ground through which streams of melted rock pour out of the earth; may form into a mountain peak.
  • ______________ Steam and boiling water that is blown into the air.
  • ______________ Rocks in one area (under great pressure from other rocks) that crack together and cause the phenomenon of "shaking" earth.
  • ______________ This land feature can be formed by volcanic action, erosion, or by uplift.
  • ______________ A trace of animal or plant life from millions of years ago that has hardened into rock.

Volcano Map

Label the picture with these items:
  • ash cloud - the cloud of ash that forms in the air after some volcanic eruptions
  • conduit - a passage through which magma (molten rock) flows in a volcano
  • crust - the Earth's outermost, rocky layer
  • lava - molten rock; usually comes out of erupting volcanoes
  • magma chamber - contains magma (molten rock) deep within the Earth's crust
  • side vent - a vent in the side of a volcano
  • vent - an opening in the Earth's surface through which volcanic materials erupt

Word Scramble

Unscramble the letters to spell words used by a Geologist.
L O S F I S________________________
O A T M N U N I________________________
A Q E T E U K R A H________________________
Y E S R E G________________________
L E O N O V A C________________________
F I E R M A G N I________________________
T A E F S Y --- S S L G A E S________________________
E H I L C S________________________
M R A M H E________________________
C A M E T H M O R P I________________________
Y S E D M A E N T I R________________________
O N G I E S U________________________

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